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    Here are things that I would change about the series.

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  • OliverDuckandToad11

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  • OliverDuckandToad11

    Here are my reviews on Thomas specials, had nowhere to write this, so I just decided to make a blog on this wiki for now.

    Here is what each rating stands for:

    Rating Explanations

    • 10/10 = Splendid
    • 9.5 or 9/10 = Excellent
    • 8.5 or 8/10 = Great
    • 7.5 or 7/10 = Good
    • 6.5 or 6/10 = Okay
    • 5.5 or 5/10 = Average
    • 4.5 or 4/10 = Boring
    • 3.5 or 3/10 = Bad
    • 2.5 or 2/10 = Terrible

    In my opinion, this special is very bad, because of the lack of realism and it introduces a pointless magic engine named Lady into the show. For a start, magic doesn't exist on Sodor and she only became a one-off, only returning in the next special in a dream of Thomas', and she never appears again in the franchise. So pointless.

    Though, I do like how the special introduces Diesel 10, a very popular characte…

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