Thomas and the Storm
Season A, Episode 1
Air date August 11th, 2017
Written by OliverDuckandToad11
Directed by OliverDuckandToad11
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Thomas and the Storm is a The Adventures on Sodor special which was released on August 11th, 2017.

A trailer was released on July 21st, 2017. A preview was released on July 26th, 2017, another preview was also released on August 2nd, 2017. Another very short preview was released on August 8th, 2017.


The Island of Sodor is as busy as ever during summer time, and a lot of engines are getting tired.

Salty: Yah matey, I'd say we should get some rest.

Porter: I agree...

...but when a storm rolls into Sodor...

Workman: Quick! Quick! Everyone find shelter! There's a storm coming!

Stepney: What!

...and it is a very big storm indeed...

Thomas: Bust my buffers!

(Thomas gasps)

Arthur: This is bad.

Thomas: What are you doing sir?

The Fat Controller: I'll have to go and warn lots of other engines yet.

And the storm causes trouble for the railway...

Thomas: Cinders and Ashes! The Windmill too?

The Fat Controller: The railway inspector is coming to Sodor soon, there's only two more days left and I have a slight feeling that Sodor won't be cleaned in time for his visit.

What will happen next?

Thomas: Me and the Fat Controller are going around Sodor telling everyone to help clean up Sodor, because a railway inspector will be coming to Sodor very soon.

Will Thomas be able to clean the storm in time for the railway inspector's visit?

Thomas: Just what can I do?

...or will the railway stay in ruins forever?

Thomas: W-What happened here?

Find out in...

Thomas and the Storm

Coming soon in August 2017.


It was a busy time of the year on the Island of Sodor, holidaymakers were coming to and from the island, they visited many beautiful places. The seaside towns, the island's many bridges and the Brass Band's concert. The engines were always busy at this time of year, because of there being so many holidaymakers, more trucks were added to goods trains plus engines would struggle to pull the heavy loads. Harvey, Edward, Rocky and the breakdown train looked all over the island for anyone who was in trouble, but the docks were as busy as ever at this time of year, engines hauling and shunting, cranes lifting and loading, and barges coming in from the Mainland, there were two engines who were rested off their wheels, and they were Salty and Porter, they had been shunting all day, they were tired and exhausted. They stopped very warn out.

"Yah matey," muttered Salty, "I'd say we should get some rest."

"I agree." said Porter meekly, "we've been shunting all day, nonetheless my wheels still haven't had time to rest." the dockside tank engine sighed.

"Lucky for you two, but not me!" huffed Cranky from above. "I've been loading shipments from barges all day, and not once I've had any quiet time!"

Porter sighed. "Oh, Cranky! You've always been acting like this!" he said wearily.

"I know, but I need rest and that's the only thing I want!" snapped Cranky, who because of his crankiness, dropped some crates of supplies onto the dockside. "Oops!" Cranky said. "Pathetic!" The two engines rolled their eyes and went to their sheds wearily.

Meanwhile on Thomas' Branch Line, Thomas was pulling Annie and Clarabel, as usual. He was looking out for Bertie, so they could have a race.

"See any sign of him, Clarabel?" Thomas asked.

"Well, no I can't." huffed Clarabel.

"Calm down dear," said Annie, "you don't seem like you're in a good mood."

"I am a little," sighed Clarabel, "but it's just I hate it when Thomas and Bertie race. Every race they have, I'm left, dizzy and exhausted because of how fast Thomas pulls us."

"You do have a point there, dear." agreed Annie.

Thomas overheard the two talking. "Is everything alright back there?" he asked.

"Oh, sure Thomas." said Annie, sheepishly.

"Nothing to worry about." added Clarabel.

Thomas chuckled. "Well okay, still tell me when you see Bertie!" Thomas tooted cheekily.

"See what I mean." huffed Clarabel.

"I know, dear." said Annie meekly.

"That tank engine can get very irritating at times." Clarabel whispered.

"I quite agree." said Annie.

Then Thomas looked up at a bridge he was heading for, there he could see Bertie happily driving along the road. Thomas blew his whistle and Bertie tooted his horn.

"Ready for another race, Bertie?" Thomas asked.

Bertie chuckled. "Oh, of course, Thomas." he said. "Always a pleasure to race." And the two friends went faster along the rails and road. Annie and Clarabel jumped as Thomas went faster.

"Thomas!" cried Annie.

"Do please tell Bertie that we're busy!" shouted Clarabel.

Thomas chuckled. "Oh, Clarabel," he said, "We're only taking these passengers to Ffarquhar and then I can just sit in my shed and relax." Thomas tooted.

"Great," sighed Annie.

"It'll take half an hour for us to get to Ffarquhar." moaned Clarabel.

Bertie was driving very fast along the road, he tooted his torn chuckling. "Can't catch me!" the bus cried out.

"You really think so?" chuckled Thomas as he went faster then he had ever gone before.

"Woah!" cried Annie and Clarabel as they felt the jump between them and Thomas' coupling. "Thomas, slow down!" cried Clarabel, but Thomas was too excited to hear her.

"You know I'm going to win, Bertie." Thomas tooted.

"You won't if you don't look where you're going." Bertie laughed. Up ahead, Thomas saw a fallen tree on the line.

"Bust my buffers!" he cried, he luckily swerved onto another track. "That was close," Thomas puffed, but up ahead was Toby chuffing in the same direction. "Toby!" Thomas cried. Toby heard him.

"Oh," he whimpered.

"What should I do?" Thomas thought, then he had the idea. "Express coming through!" Thomas shouted, the signalman saw this and changed the points quickly as Thomas raced off the branch line and onto a disused line. Toby slammed his brakes on just in time.

"Thomas!" Toby yelled.

"Sorry, Toby." muttered Thomas, feeling quite sheepish.

Bertie was still far ahead. "Looks like I'm going to win this time," he chuckled. Then suddenly, he looked ahead and saw workmen doing maintenance work on the part of road. "Oh, bother!" he sighed, but then he found a shortcut. "Thomas won't know, will he?" he thought, and he drove through the trees, where no one could see him. Thomas was unaware of this, he was too busy whistling and laughing as he chuffed quickly along the line. Annie and Clarabel tried catching their breath while Thomas kept going at high speeds. Thomas looked and saw Bertie wasn't there.

"Where's Bertie?" he thought. "Oh well, he must've been held up by traffic lights or perhaps he's stuck waiting for them workmen to finish with the maintenance work." Thomas puffed, and he chuckled cheekily.

Bertie drove through the trees, branches scraped on his face and leaves came off their branches and landed on Bertie's roof, one however landed on the window in front of the driver seat. Bertie's driver couldn't see a thing, he swerved though the trees almost causing Bertie to hit one. "Woah!" he cried, but it wasn't long before he was back out in open air. "Ha ha!" he cheered, "Thomas is never going to win me now." But Thomas was still chuffing fast.

"Nearly at Ffarquhar." he puffed proudly, but as he looked ahead. His jaw dropped in surprise. Bertie was now far away from him driving much faster than usual. "B-But how...?" Thomas stammered, "he was nowhere in my sight." he said. So with the last of his coal, Thomas sped up faster and faster, Annie and Clarabel groaned as they were being pulled quickly along the track.

"Clarabel, I'm sick." moaned Annie.

"I can't... breathe." groaned Clarabel.

Thomas was approaching Bertie, who didn't know Thomas was there. "Nearly at the station," he chuckled, "and still no sign of that silly little engine."

"Silly engine!" Thomas exclaimed as he pulled up alongside. Bertie nearly blew his radiator. "But how did you..." he spluttered.

"I'm a fast engine." boasted Thomas, "I can go as fast as any bus."

Bertie suddenly become cross. "You think so?" he said, "well we'll see about that." Thomas whistled and Bertie tooted as up ahead was Ffarquhar, the two friends chuffed faster along the rails.

"Ha ha!" Thomas tooted, "I'm gonna win." Then Bertie cut up alongside him.

"I'm afraid not." he said,

"We'll see." Thomas said cheekily, "we'll see." They were both nearly at Ffarquhar, when all of a sudden.

"Oh gosh!" Bertie cried, he looked up to find a broken down tractor lay in the middle of the road. "No, I've got to win this race!" Bertie said determined, but the tractor driver waved a red flag.

"Stop! Stop!" he cried, Bertie screeched as he tried to put on his brakes. "No, more worst, my radiator will overheat!" he cried, Bertie stopped just in time. "Phew!" he said. Thomas was heading towards Ffarquhar, he chuckled as he was nearing the platform.

"Make way everyone for Thomas the Tank Engine!" he announced as he chuffed faster. "Better luck, next time Bertie!" Thomas tooted, Bertie waited crossly as the tractor driver phoned for help.

"Not again," he sighed, "I always get stuck behind tractors, machinery and all sorts. And Thomas has won, yet again." Bertie grumbled.

Thomas stopped right at the platform, he stopped, while his coaches bumped into each other and into him, but Thomas didn't care. "I won! I won!" he cried in victory, Annie and Clarabel were dizzy and felt queasy.

"Uh... uh," Annie murmured.

"I-is it... o-over?" mumbled Clarabel.

"Yes, wake up, lazywheels! You haven't been asleep have you?" Thomas asked cheekily.

Annie suddenly grew stern. "Thomas," she said, "how many times have you got to stop at the platform, plus causing us to bump into you and ourselves." she scolded.

"Well, I'm sorry." Thomas apologised. "I'm just acting myself."

"Well," muttered Clarabel. "Speak for the passengers, they're being bounced about like peas in a frying pan in us." she said, the passengers were unhurt, but felt dizzy and also felt queasy. One boy however, enjoyed the ride.

"That was awesome!" he cried out, "Mum, can we ride in the train again?" His mum who felt dizzy and queasy also, didn't respond, but did later.

"No!" she scowled, the little boy shivered. "Oh," he sighed.

One man however felt very dizzy. In fact, his glasses broke while being bounced around in the train, he couldn't see, he nearly walked into the stationmaster.

"Woah, careful chap." he said.

"Sorry!" said the man crossly. "Blame this stupid engine."

"Woah, woah, calm it." the stationmaster said again.

"This engine is nothing, but rough, I'm an old man, and look at him, travelling at high speeds leaving us feeling dizzy and sick inside the carriages. This is a bad, bad railway, which should get back reports." he snapped.

Thomas felt bad about what he had done. Bertie on the other hand, chuckled a little. "At least, my passengers weren't bounced about like yours." Bertie said.

"Bertie, it's not funny." Thomas said sympathetically.

"Well, sorry Thomas." replied the bus, "but you do it all the time."

"I know," muttered Thomas. The stationmaster walked up to him, he was cross.

"Thomas, for travelling into stations like that, plus causing your passengers to feel all dizzy and such, I'm reporting this to the Fat Controller." he scolded.

"Yes sir," sighed Thomas sadly, then Thomas' guard blew the whistle.

"I agree with the stationmaster, Thomas." said his driver, "you shouldn't enter stations like that."

"Or worse." added the fireman, "Passengers being bounced about in the carriages, they could get really injured and will probably end up in hospital." he said.

"I know, already." Thomas retorted, "Sorry."

But as Thomas puffed away, his mood suddenly brightened. He chuckled a little. "That was a little fun." he whispered to himself.

"No it was not, Thomas!" said Annie severely who overheard him.

"I wasn't talking to you." huffed Thomas.

"Annie's right," said Clarabel, "if you were to travel much rougher than that, you'd probably kill the passengers, which is indeed, not right!"

"Okay, calm down." Thomas puffed, "Geez, everyone's cross with me just because of my passengers." he huffed.

"But it's true!" Annie and Clarabel said in unison.

"Well, who cares?" huffed Thomas as he puffed back to the yard.

Thomas chuffed into the yard beside Knapford station and shunted his coaches in the shed. "That was fun!" Thomas tooted cheekily, Annie and Clarabel just rolled their eyes as the cheeky tank engine puffed out of sight. Thomas steamed into Knapford Yards and helped Stanley shunt a goods train for Henry. "Who's this goods train for Stanley?" asked Thomas.

"This is for Henry." whistled Stanley. "He's taking it to the Mainland."

"Oh, right." Thomas wheeshed and the two engines got to work. After Thomas and Stanley had shunted the goods train in place, it was very long.

"I actually am quite surprised that Henry can pull all that." chuffed Stanley.

"Oh, he's done it before." said Thomas. "Once he took twenty trucks and was able to pull them all out of the docks."

"Really?" exclaimed Stanley.

"Yes, indeed." replied Thomas. Then Charlie puffed up.

"Hello, you two." he said, "Would you like to hear a joke?"

Thomas chuckled. "Oh, okay Charlie, what is it?"

"What do you call it when an engine shunts during thunder?" Charlie asked.

Thomas and Stanley thought. "I don't know, Charlie." Thomas wheeshed.

"Thunding!" burst out Charlie and he laughed.

"Thunding?" Thomas exclaimed. "That's a weird joke."

"Well, I know." Charlie muttered. "But I haven't got any good ones to tell."

"Oh, okay." Thomas sighed. Then Henry arrived.

"Thanks you two," he said, "now I can go to the Mainland and back." and Henry chuffed away.

"Good luck, Henry." called Thomas and Stanley in unison. "I have to get going too." Thomas said. "Goodbye, Stanley." he whistled.

"Bye Thomas!" Stanley replied back.

Meanwhile back at the sheds, James was bragging to the other engines. "Doesn't my paintwork look splendid in the sun?" he asked.

Edward sighed. "Yes..." he muttered.

"Is that all you ever go on about?" Gordon huffed.

"Well no, not just that." James steamed.

"It looks like it." muttered Emily.

"Yes, you're always going on about your paint, it can get boring by constantly listening to you." said Percy.

James scoffed. "And what do you little tank engines know?"

Even Gordon had agree. "Yes, little Percy, you must learn how to stop being cheeky to us big engines, you're like Thomas' clone!" and the two big engines burst out with laughter.

Edward whistled to get their attention. "That's enough!" he said. Gordon and James stopped laughing, then Thomas came back to the sheds.

"Hello everyone." he said as he backed into his berth.

"Hello Thomas!" Percy whistled.

"And I heard you and Stanley shunted a goods train for Henry to take the Mainland." James snickered. "Let's hope he doesn't have another accident." and James laughed again. Thomas was cross.

"And what's so funny about that James?" he asked. "You've had similar experiences, like crashing into tar wagons and-"

"Don't even dare remind me of that!" James snapped, but the other engines thought it was funny.

"Oh, and when you and Gordon were rude to Henry for being scared." Thomas said cheekily.

Gordon snorted. "Don't remind me of that either." he said. "You could hear everyone laughing thinking it was hilarious, but it was not!"

"Yes, what he said." retorted James. "But as you all know, I have work to do, goodbye." and James puffed snootily away.

"I have too." wheeshed Edward, "I'm on duty with Harvey and Rocky." and then he puffed out of the sheds.

"We all have work to do." Thomas steamed and then he and the other engines chuffed off to do work.

Thomas was back out on his branch line again, he chuffed into Dryaw station and waited to pick up some passengers. "I hope Bertie isn't here." he muttered to himself, but luckily he wasn't. "Oh good, he's not." Thomas steamed, then the guard blew his whistle and Thomas chuffed away, he passed by Toby. "Hello Toby." Thomas steamed.

"Morning Thomas." Toby replied.

"I'm sorry about what happened this morning." Thomas sighed.

"Oh, it's okay." Toby chuckled as he steamed into the distance.

Thomas then pulled into Ffarquhar and waited for the passengers to disembark, there at the petrol station nearby was Bertie, who was refuelling up. "Oh, hello Thomas." he said. "Would you want another race after?"

"Sorry Bertie." Thomas sighed. "I have work to do. I'll see if I can sooner." the blue E2 puffed and then he chuffed away. "See you later, Bertie!" Thomas called.

"Bye Thomas." Bertie called back.

Thomas had arrived at Knapford station, there he saw Percy, Duck, Oliver and Stepney. "Hello you three." Thomas whistled.

"Oh, hello again Thomas." Percy tooted back. "I am quite busy today."

"We all are Percy." Thomas said. "Because of it being summer time and holidaymakers are coming to the island."

"We're very busy on our branch line." Duck muttered. "Me and Oliver had to pick up so many passengers and take them to Bluff's Cove and Arlesburgh." he said.

"Yes." agreed Oliver. "Not even enough passengers were able to ride in the Slip Coaches."

"Indeed." said Duck. "Us, Donald and Douglas are all being rested off of our wheels here." he said. "The Fat Controller sent Stepney to help out because it was that busy."

"Yes, of course." said Stepney. "But even though I'm there, there's still too much holidaymakers."

"You know, I really want it to rain." said Oliver.

"I agree there, Mr. Oliver." said Toad.

"We all want rain." puffed Duck. "It's too hot and we need to cool down." Then Henry pulled into the station, he had just taken his train to the Mainland.

"Hello everyone." he whistled.

"Oh, hello Henry." Thomas tooted. "Did you do well?"

"Yes, I did." Henry puffed. "Though, the trucks were being a little troublesome."

"As always." muttered Duck.

"It's too hot for pulling goods train in this heat." murmured Henry.

"That's true." said Stepney.

"Just look at the amount of holidaymakers getting off our coaches now." Thomas steamed.

"I know, there's too many." Duck huffed.

"Well, I'm pulling a goods train luckily." steamed Percy.

"So am I," wheeshed Oliver, "I'm taking ballast to a new track being built by Arlesburgh." the 14xx auto tank engine explained.

Then suddenly, a loud bang could be heard, the engines jumped and remained silent.

"W-What was that?" stammered Annie.

"I don't know, dear." said Clarabel.

"I've never heard clouds banging like that before." said Stepney.

"Me neither." puffed Henry.

Then a gust of wind blew by the station and it blew a truck in the yard over. The engines gasped.

"Cinders and ashes!" Thomas cried. "That truck has just been blown over."

"That was amazing!" cried Percy.

"And unrealistic." added Duck.

Then a workman rushed into the station. "Quick! Quick! Everyone find shelter!" he cried.

"What! Why?" asked Stepney.

"There's a storm coming!" the workman yelled.

"A storm?!" exclaimed the engines.

"This is going to be bad." muttered Duck.

The Fat Controller was in his office when he heard the sound of crashing and a workman yelling. "Oh no, this isn't good." he sighed. "I better warn the engines." and the Fat Controller walked out of his office.

"Everyone, there's a storm coming." the Fat Controller said.

"I just told them, sir." said the workman.

"Oh, right thank you." the Fat Controller said. "Well anyway, this storm is going to be indeed bed, you all must get to your sheds quickly."

"Yes sir!" said the engines and they all puffed quickly away to find shelter. The clouds in the sky were dark and black.

"This is great." he said. "Now I have to go around Sodor warning my engines to find shelter, it'll take a while for me to get home." and the Fat Controller drove away in his car.

Meanwhile, Thomas was racing backwards down the line, trying to get back to the sheds as soon as possible. "Must get back!" he puffed.

"Slow down, Thomas!" cried Annie.

"You're not that worried over a storm are you?" Clarabel asked.

"Well, no," Thomas puffed. "but I'm doing what the Fat Controller says."

"Okay." said Annie. But Clarabel was worried.

"Annie, do you think this'll be a very bad storm?" she asked.

"It looks like it, dear." muttered Annie. "That's why Thomas is going quickly."

"Sorry you two, but it looks like I can't take you back to the shed at Knapford, I could've dropped you off there, but I had no time, I'm afraid you'll have to sleep in the shed that used to be the repair yard tonight." Thomas steamed.

"Okay, Thomas." sighed Annie.

"At least it'll be safe there." said Clarabel.

Thomas finally came back to the sheds, he backed Annie and Clarabel into the repair yard shed backed into his berth quickly. "Good, I'm safe." he sighed with relief.

Edward, Henry, Geoffrey, Emily, Percy, Duck and Gordon were already there. "Hello everyone." Thomas said.

"Hello Thomas." said Geoffrey. "You came just in time." he said. "The storm is going to be quite fierce."

"Indeed." agreed Henry.

"Right," said Thomas, "let's see how many engines are here: Edward, Henry, Geoffrey, Emily, Percy, Duck and Gordon. But wait, where's James?" Thomas asked.

"I think James went to sleep at Knapford Sheds." said Edward. "So he's safe."

"Oh, okay." said Thomas. "I just got worried."

"Is Toby at Knapford Sheds too?" asked Percy worriedly.

"Yes, he is." said Thomas.

The engines were talking about their experiences with the wind.

"Oh, you'll never believe what happened today." Edward said. "I was pulling Rocky around the island and then a gust of wind started blowing his crane arm around wildly." he said.

"Wow!" gasped Henry.

"I had something similar happen to me." said Gordon.

"What it is?" asked Duck.

"I was pulling the express over my hill and as I got to the top a gust of wind nearly blew me right off the hill." Gordon explained.

The engines were surprised. "That is just crazy." remarked Henry.

"It was, I tell you." said Gordon.

"Well, I've got something more weird then that to tell." Thomas said. "Me, Percy, Henry, Duck, Oliver and Stepney were at Knapford and a gust of wind managed to blow a truck right over." he said.

The engines gasped. "Was this true?" asked Gordon.

"Yes it was." said Henry.

"We were there." added Duck.

Then the Fat Controller drove up in his car, he was stern and looked urgent.

"Okay everyone." said the Fat Controller. "I've got an announcement to make." he said. "This storm is going to be very fierce, and you're all in your sheds which is good, but tonight, it looks as if I'll have to shut your doors with keys, the storm will be heavy enough to blow them open."

"Yes sir!" the engines said.

"But what about our crews sir?" Thomas asked.

"Well Thomas," said the Fat Controller, "you're the only engine who has a crew, all the other engines' crew are already safe in their homes."

"It doesn't look like I'll be able to get home in time." Thomas' fireman sighed.

"Don't worry." said his driver. "I have an idea." he said. "Please sir, can we take a lift in your car back to our homes?"

"Oh, yes of course." said the Fat Controller. "I wouldn't leave you to just walk home in the rain. So get in." and Thomas' driver and fireman got into the Fat Controller's car. "Now I have to shut all your doors." said the Fat Controller and he shut each of the engines' doors and locked them. "Now you're safe." The stout gentleman said.

"What are you doing sir?" asked Thomas.

The Fat Controller sighed. "I'll have to go and warn lots of other engines yet." he said.

"Well, good luck sir!" Thomas said.

"It looks like I won't be able to get home in time." the Fat Controller sighed as he went into his car and drove away. Now the engines' doors were shut tightly and they were now safe.

Percy was worried, he had his buffers touching the very back of the shed. "I have a feeling that I won't get any sleep tonight." he muttered.

"None of us will Percy." sighed Duck.

"We'll have to try." said Thomas. "The shed doors won't blow open now."

"Thankfully!" added Henry.

"We're all safe now." said Geoffrey. "I'd say we should try our best."

"Geoffrey's right." said Edward. "Perhaps the storm is only here to cool us down because of it being so hot lately."

Everyone had to agree. But Percy was still worried. "Oh, don't worry Percy." said Thomas, "It's all going to be okay."

"If you say so, Thomas." Percy shivered.

"The doors are shut tight, so the storm can't blow them open." said Emily.

"So nothing bad will happen." Thomas tooted.

Percy felt much better, but still worried.

"Now I'd say we should get some sleep." Geoffrey suggested.

"I agree." said Edward and the sheds remained in silent.

But the storm was pretty bad, strong gusts of wind blew across the island, it was fierce, it blew off roof tiles, it blew down trees and lampposts, and flattened fences. The engines couldn't sleep at night, they all listened to the storm causing damage.

Percy especially was scared, he shivered severely. "Calm down, Percy." said Thomas. "Be brave, do what Gator told you."

"B-But, G-Gator didn't say that... h-he was b-brave of s-s-storms..." Percy stammered. Then suddenly a bush flew right by the engine sheds, the engines could see the bush through the little windows in the shed doors. They were surprised.

"What was that?" asked Henry.

"Was that a bush?" said Edward.

"I think so." said Duck.

The storm was indeed bad. But luckily everyone on the island had took shelter. Because of the weather, no Mainland trains were due that night.

The next morning, Thomas had woken up, he was very tired for hardly getting any sleep that night. Everyone else were still asleep. "What should I do?" Thomas thought. "Shall I investigate the damage on my own or should I get someone to go along with me?" But as everyone was still asleep, Thomas recommended. "It looks like I'll have to go on my own." But Thomas had to wait for his crew to come first, they arrived a few minutes later, they opened the shed door and went to their engine.

"Thomas, you will not believe what the storm has done." said his driver.

"Really?" Thomas asked.

"It is very bad indeed." said his fireman. "Take a look for yourself." Then as Thomas chuffed out of the shed, he could not believe his eyes, the Island of Sodor was in turmoil, the whole yard around the sheds had derailed trucks and blown down tools. "Bust my buffers!" Thomas cried. "I better go and see what this storm has done." and he chuffed away.

Thomas was chuffing around the whole of Sodor looking at all the damage the storm had caused. First, he chuffed past Farmer McColl's farm and saw that the tiles on the roof of his shed had been blown off, then he chuffed through Henry's Tunnel and saw that one of the tunnels had been collapsed.

"Bust my buffers!" Thomas cried. "That is indeed bad."

But when Thomas saw the Windmill, he couldn't believe his eyes. "Cinders and ashes! The Windmill too?" he exclaimed. "Just what has this storm done?" he thought as he continued looking for more storm damage.

Thomas was chuffing along the line, he was approaching Arlesburgh Junction where the small engines were. Thomas could see that Mike was trapped in his shed. "Cinders and ashes!" Thomas cried. "What happened?"

"Oh, hello Thomas." said Bert. "Well, it's quite hard to explain, but er-"

"Mike's trapped in the shed." said Rex. "Last night, we were all in the shed, but because the storm was quite heavy, a tree had landed right on top of the shed plus the shed collapsed on Mike and he's trapped." he explained.

Thomas was amazed. "That's never happened before to us." he said.

"Indeed." said Bert.

"HELP!!" Mike yelled. "Somebody get me out! Please! Please! Please!"

"Oh, enough now." said Bert. "We will get you out as soon as possible."

"Well, hurry up!" yelled Mike. "I'm stuck in here, I need help... now!" Bert just rolled his eyes.

"Oh, you wouldn't want to mention the ballast hopper." said Rex.

"Why?" Thomas asked.

"Because there's ballast everywhere." said Bert.

"Did the storm do this too?" Thomas asked.

"Everything was done by the storm." said Rex.

"Oh my!" Thomas gasped. "Just what's going to be next?"

"I don't know, Thomas." Rex sighed.

"Anyway, I have to go around Sodor looking for storm damage, I'll see you later." said Thomas.

Bert and Rex whistled. "Bye Thomas." they said, leaving Mike to yell for help inside the collapsed shed.

Thomas then arrived at Knapford Yards, where he couldn't believe his eyes at all. "Flattering funnels!" Thomas cried. "What's happened here?"

"Aye, 'ye wouldn't wanna know." said Donald.

"The storm has caused havoc in the yard." explained Douglas.

"Havoc?!" exclaimed Thomas. "Double havoc more like!"

"I know." said Donald. "Trucks everywhere, supplies all over the track."

"Indeed," said Douglas, "this has to be the worst storm ever, dinna agree Thomas?" he asked.

"Yes Douglas." said Thomas. "Definitely agree."

"The storm has even blew roof tiles off that warehouse." said Sidney. "But how did that happen?"

"Well, it's obviously the storm." said Thomas.

"Storm?!" exclaimed Sidney. "What storm?"

Thomas sighed. "The storm last night!" he huffed.

"Oh yes, that storm." said Sidney. "Thanks for reminding me, Thomas."

"You welcome, Sidney." Thomas said. "But I still have other places on the island to go to, just in case there's any storm damage. I'll see you all later." Thomas tooted.

"Goodbye, Thomas." said Stanley as Thomas chuffed out of sight.

Thomas then chuffed to the steamworks, where he saw Arthur on the hoist. "Bust my buffers! What happened, Arthur?" Thomas asked.

Arthur sighed. "The storm struck me last night and I have a cracked funnel and damaged body."

"That is horrifying!" Thomas exclaimed.

"I know it is, my friend." said Victor. "Arthur's been stuck on the hoist all night."

"And we haven't really had time to sleep." said Kevin.

"Nobody has, Kevin." sighed Thomas. "I hope you're better soon, Arthur."

"Oh, he will be my friend, don't worry." said Victor. "Kevin, can you get Arthur a new funnel?" Victor asked.

"Yes boss!" said Kevin as he raced over to the back of the works. (clang) "Sorry boss!" Kevin said, Victor just rolled his eyes.

"Anyway Victor, I'm going around the island looking for storm damage. So I'll see you later." Thomas said as he steamed away.

"Good luck, my friend." Victor said.

Thomas was running low on coal, now that he had searched almost every part of the island. "I'm low on coal." he said, but then he saw a coal hopper and Thomas stopped to refill. Finally, he had been refilled. "Right, let's get back to inspecting." Thomas said as he steamed away. Thomas had chuffed into the Blue Mountain Quarry where he saw Skarloey and Rheneas. "Hello you two." Thomas said. "Has the storm been up to something here?" he asked.

Skarloey sighed. "Yes Thomas." he said. "Of course it has!"

"You might have to look for yourself." said Rheneas. Thomas looked and was shocked, the warehouse had been destroyed by a big boulder that had fell off the mountainside.

"I cannot believe it!" Thomas cried. "A warehouse being destroyed too?!"

"Indeed." said Skarloey. "It'll take a long time for it to be repaired."

"And that means a lot of work needing to be done." added Rheneas.

"Well, I'll see you two later." Thomas puffed as he chuffed to his next location.

"Bye Thomas!" the little engines said in unison.

Thomas then chuffed into Brendam Docks and when he looked, he got the surprise of his life. The docks was a complete mess, trucks derailed, fish scattered across the dockside and much worse, Cranky was lay right on his side across the tracks. "Help!" Cranky wailed. "Get me up! Get me up!"

"Stop complaining, Cranky." Porter steamed. "You'll be back up towering the docks soon."

"I hope, but I hate lying down like this." Cranky muttered.

"Just what happened here?!" Thomas asked.

"Bit of a long story really matey." said Salty. "Yah, a large ship came from the sea and crashed into the dockside plus causing Cranky to fall over." and Salty burst out with laughter.

Porter was stern. "Salty, it's not funny." he said.

Salty stopped laughing. "I know Porter." he said. "I was just teasing, but yes it is indeed not funny."

"Here's the real story." said Porter. "The storm was quite bad, plus so was the wind, it was so strong that Cranky had blew right over and even the trucks derailed, plus fish is now scattered around the dockside." the Viridian tank engine explained.

"This has got to be the location with the most storm damage then any other." Thomas said.

"I think it is matey." sighed Salty.

"Well sorry, I can't stay." Thomas tooted. "But I'm looking around the island for storm damage, I'll see you all later." Thomas said as he backed away out the docks.

"Bye Thomas!" said Porter and Salty together, but Cranky was still left to yell for help.

Thomas had arrived at the Coaling Plant where Murdoch was, when he saw the hopper tipped over, he couldn't believe his eyes. "Cinders and ashes!" Thomas cried loudly.

"Shhhh!" hissed Murdoch.

"Sorry Murdoch." said Thomas. "But... w-what happened here?" he asked.

Murdoch sighed. "Bit of a long story really." he said. "I don't know what actually happened, all I know is seeing the coal hopper had been tipped over, probably by the big gust of window by the storm." Murdoch said.

"I see..." Thomas said meekly. "Well, I have other places on Sodor to inspect. See you Murdoch!" Thomas tooted as he chuffed away.

Thomas was puffing along the line sadly. He had been across the whole island and it was filled with debris and such. "This storm has done much worst then I thought it would've done." Thomas sighed. "Just what can I do?" he thought, he was approaching Knapford and he saw the Fat Controller standing on the platform, he looked upset. "What's the matter sir?" Thomas asked, the Fat Controller sighed.

"Nothing much Thomas." he said. "It's just the storm damage, it's done very great damage on the railway and much worse, there's a railway inspector coming to the island." the Fat Controller said.

Thomas gasped. "A railway inspector?!" he exclaimed. "But... the railway will probably still look as bad when he visits." Thomas said.

"That's why I'm not happy." the Fat Controller said. "The railway inspector is coming to Sodor soon, there's only two more days left and I have a slight feeling that Sodor won't be cleaned in time for his visit." he sighed.

Thomas felt sorry for the Fat Controller. "Sir," he said, "I may have the answer."

The Fat Controller was surprised. "What is it Thomas?" he asked.

"Why don't we get all the engines on Sodor to help clean the storm damage?" Thomas suggested.

The Fat Controller thought this was a grand idea. "I have to say, Thomas." he said. "Your idea is perfect, I'll get Miss Jenny and her machines to help out with the cleaning and I'll see if the Thin Controller would like to help with his engines." the Fat Controller said.

"Yes sir!" said Thomas and he chuffed away to tell the others. The first engine Thomas encountered was Geoffrey, who was in the Vicarstown Goods Yard. "Hello Geoffrey." Thomas tooted.

"Oh, hello Thomas." Geoffrey replied. "The storm has done plenty of damage here too."

"I can see." Thomas said. "Oh, you may have to listen to this." Thomas said urgently.

"Oh, okay." Geoffrey said. "What is it?"

"Well," Thomas began, "me and the Fat Controller are going around the island telling everyone to help clean up Sodor, because a railway inspector is coming to Sodor very soon, and we need all the help we can get!" Thomas explained. "You wouldn't mind helping would you Geoffrey?"

Geoffrey was delighted. "Of course Thomas." he said. "I would always like to help."

"Thank you Geoffrey." Thomas tooted. "Now you better get going." and Geoffrey chuffed away, and so did Thomas.

Thomas then went to tell Percy and Toby at Ffarquhar Sheds. "Hello Thomas." Percy peeped.

"Hello Percy." Thomas replied back. "Listen, you might have to listen to this."

"What is it Thomas?" asked Toby.

"The Fat Controller and I are going around Sodor telling the engines to help clean the storm damage on Sodor, a railway inspector is coming to the island very soon." Thomas explained. "You wouldn't mind helping would you?"

"Of course we wouldn't, Thomas." Percy whistled. "You're my best friend."

"I wouldn't mind helping either." Toby steamed.

"Great." Thomas exclaimed. "Now you'd better start helping out, some engines are already helping."

"Yes Thomas!" said Percy and Toby in unison as they chuffed out of the sheds.

Thomas felt pleased with himself.

Back in his office at Knapford, the Fat Controller was calling Miss Jenny. "Hello Miss Jenny." he said. "You may have been aware that there was a storm on the island."

"Indeed I do Sir Topham." Miss Jenny replied.

"You wouldn't mind bringing your machines to help with the island's damage would you?" The Fat Controller asked.

Miss Jenny laughed. "Not at all sir." she said.

"Good to hear." chuckled the Fat Controller as he put the telephone down.

Miss Jenny was explaining to Jack and his team. "You'll all be working very hard today." she said. "You must help with the storm damage on the island."

Jack and his team were excited. "We'll do our job as a team." he said.

"I agree with you there, Jack." laughed Alfie.

"Work hard, and no delays." added Oliver.

The rest of the Pack agreed.

Even Mr. Percival was telling his engines about the situation. "You're all going to be very busy." he said. "You must help the Fat Controller's engines with the storm damage on the island."

"Yes sir." the engines whistled, all wanting to help. "I'm glad to hear." The Thin Controller chuckled and then he left.

"Just remember everyone." Skarloey said. "We're all going to be very busy."

"Skarloey's right." agreed Rheneas. "The storm has done quite major damage on the island."

"We'll all be tired, but we'll still have to help." said Rusty.

"Indeed." agreed Duke. "No more being silly, Falcon... I mean, Sir Handel."

"Yes, yes, I know granpuff." chuckled Sir Handel.

Duke was stern. "It's not funny." he said.

Sir Handel laughed. "I was only joking!" he said.

"We should all try our hardest." said Bertram. "And no delays."

"We won't." agreed Peter Sam. "We'll make sure the island is in good shape."

"I will too, don't forget aboot me." Duncan chuffed.

"Well, it's good to see you really wanting to work, Duncan." chuckled Rusty.

Duncan wasn't amused, but he smiled. "I know." he muttered.

"So what are we doing, just standing here?" Freddie asked.

"No," said Skarloey, "we should be getting ready to work."

"Oh, yes Skarloey." whistled Peter Sam.

"So are we all ready?" Skarloey asked.

"Yes!" said the other engines.

"Now let's get to work." Skarloey said and all the narrow gauge engines chuffed away.

Everyone felt eager to help. "I'll help sir." Gordon steamed. "You can count on a big Express engine like me."

"And me!" whistled Henry.

"And you can count on an engine who's red paint is shinier then the others." James puffed.

"But won't your paint get dusty James from all that hard work?" Duck chuckled.

James felt a little embarrassed. "Well... yes, maybe."

"I was only teasing James." Duck chuckled.

The Fat Controller stepped out of his office. "Right everyone!" he announced. "You must all get to work."

"Yes sir!" the engines said and they steamed away to do their work.

Soon, all the engines and vehicles were hard at work. Lifting and loading, shunting and hauling, digging and scooping. They were all happy to help. Thomas and Percy helped with the pack at Farmer McColl's Farm. "Very busy, eh Jack?" Thomas tooted.

Jack laughed. "You can say that again Thomas!" he chuckled.

"The railway inspector is coming to Sodor very soon and we must be really busy." said Thomas.

"Of course." said Jack, even Max and Monty are behaving.

"Well, that's good to hear." Thomas chuckled.

Marion, Alfie and Oliver were dumping soil into a hole that had been blown away by the storm. "This is hard work." commented Alfie.

"I have to agree with you there, Alfie." Oliver chuckled.

"I know isn't it, I love hard work." Marion admitted.

"And digging." sighed Alfie.

"Oh, and 'Guess What's in My Shovel?'" Marion asked bubbly.

Alfie and Oliver sighed. "What is it?" Oliver asked.

"Dirt and Soil!" cried Marion. But Alfie and Oliver just sighed and continued working.

Kelly was lifting tiles onto the roof of Farmer McColl's shed, it was very hard work.

"Go on Kelly!" Percy encouraged. "You can do it."

"I know I can Percy." Kelly chuckled as he lifted them gently onto the roof. Farmer McColl was pleased.

"Thanks Kelly." he said. "Now my animals can rest in peace in the shed again."

"Thank you, Farmer McColl." said Kelly.

Duck, Oliver and the Scottish twins were helping to repair Arlesburgh Junction. It was very hard work. "Wow I say, this is hard work." Duck remarked.

"Indeed." agreed Oliver.

Donald and Douglas were helping to repair the small engines' shed plus save Mike who was still stuck inside. "Get me out of here!" he cried.

Rex thought it was funny. "You can say that again!" he retorted cheekily.

Mike grew cross. "Just get me out of here and-" Bert blew his whistle to get their attention.

"Enough!" he scolded. "We're doing a very busy job here, and we don't want any delay." he said.

"I know that Bert." said Rex. "I was just teasing Mike, that's all."

"Yes, but you still need to be hard at work." said Bert.

"Okay." sighed Rex.

Bert looked over to Donald. "Youngens, eh?" he chuckled.

Donald laughed. "Aye, indeed." he said.

"Come on laddies, you'd better be workin'" Douglas said to Duck and Oliver.

"We are Douglas." said Duck. "We're working very hard."

"Indeed." said Oliver.

The whole island was busy. Harvey, Rocky and the breakdown train were lifting fallen branches off the tracks and the narrow gauge engines were working hard to clean their railway, a lot of work had to be done, and many trains were cancelled because even engines from the Mainland were helping to clean the island.

It wasn't long before on the night before the day of the railway inspector's arrival. Thomas was at Tidmouth Sheds feeling very pleased with himself, the whole island had been complete. The Fat Controller was pleased. "Thomas, your idea has saved the day." he praised.

"Thank you sir." Thomas peeped.

"And because of that." said the Fat Controller. "Tomorrow, you can show the railway inspector around the island."

Thomas beamed with delight. "Thank you sir." he said. "I can't wait for tomorrow."

"Neither can I." said the Fat Controller excitedly. Thomas was pleased that his plan had worked.

The next morning, Thomas puffed into Knapford station with Annie and Clarabel, the inspector had just walked onto the platform. "Greetings Sir Topham Hatt!" The visitor said warmly.

"And greetings to you too." said the Fat Controller. "My number 1 engine Thomas here will show you around my railway." he said.

"How exciting!" The inspector said. "I do like the look of this station." he commented.

"Well, thank you." said the Fat Controller. "This is called Knapford station, this is the main stop on the Main Line and it goes all the way to Vicarstown, a station on the east coast of Sodor." he explained.

"Interesting!" said the inspector as he wrote in his notebook. "Though there was a storm yesterday and I'm guessing that the island won't be good at all." the inspector sighed.

The Fat Controller laughed. "Don't worry." he said. "My engines have helped clean the storm damage, and Sodor is as good as new again."

"Ah." said the inspector.

But Thomas was growing a little impatient. "Ready?" he asked.

"Yes of course Thomas." said the Fat Controller. "The inspector would love to see the railway now it's been cleaned." he said.

"Indeed!" said the inspector. Then Thomas puffed away on his tour of Sodor.

Thomas was chuffing happily through the countryside, the inspector admired the greenery and he wrote in his notebook. "I must say," the inspector said, "this is a very countryside."

"Thank you." beamed the Fat Controller. Then Thomas chuffed into Arlesburgh Junction. The inspector looked around.

"Very nice place, Sir Topham." he said.

"Well, you'd might want to look to the left." the Fat Controller chuckled.

The inspector did so and saw three little engines there. He was surprised. "They're so tiny." he gasped.

The Fat Controller laughed. "They're miniature engines." he explained. "I don't own these three, but their names are Bert, Rex and Mike." The Fat Controller said.

"Ah, I see." said the inspector as he wrote in his notebook.

"Right then, onto the next location, Thomas!" said the Fat Controller.

"Yes sir." Thomas tooted and he chuffed away.

The next location Thomas arrived at was Knapford Yards. The inspector looked around. "Very nice place, Sir Topham." he commented.

"Glad to hear that." The Fat Controller said. Then the inspector saw a strange-looking engine shunting some trucks.

"I have to say Sir Topham," the inspector said, "who is that boxy train?"

"Oh, that is Philip, the diesel boxcab." The Fat Controller explained.

"A diesel boxcab?" The inspector exclaimed. "What are they?"

"They are like diesels, but box-like." said the Fat Controller. Philip saw Thomas and tooted his horn.

"Oh, hello Thomas." Philip said cheerily. "What special passengers are you pulling?" the diesel boxcab energetically asked.

"I'm carrying the Fat Controller and a very important visitor Philip." Thomas explained.

"That is great." Philip said. "Are they watching me shunt? Are they?!"

"Well, I think so Philip." said Thomas.

"Oh, okay." Philip said as he went back to shunting.

The inspector laughed at Philip's antics. "I must say, funny little boxcab there." he said.

"I know." agreed the Fat Controller, though he did feel a little embarrassed. Then he spoke up. "Oh, and if you want to know who those other shunting engines are," he said, "they are Stanley, Charlie and Stafford."

"I see." The inspector said.

Then as Thomas chuffed further, the inspector saw more engines. "More engines?" he exclaimed. "I wonder who they are?"

"Oh, those engines." The Fat Controller said. "They are Percy, Toby, Stepney, Gordon, Duck, Oliver, Donald and Douglas." he explained.

"Interesting." The inspector said as he wrote in his notebook. "Oh, by the way, are those twins?" The inspector asked looking at Donald and Douglas.

"Yes, they are Scottish twins." The Fat Controller explained.

"Aye, we are." Donald steamed.

"We came from Scotland." added Douglas.

"I can see." laughed the inspector. "Anyway, are we going to our next stop?"

"Oh, uh... yes." The Fat Controller stuttered. "Get bubbling your boiler Thomas!"

"Yes sir." Thomas tooted as he chuffed away. His next stop was at Tidmouth Sheds, the inspector looked and saw four engines resting in the shed.

"Who are those engines' names?" asked the inspector.

"Those engines are Henry, Edward, Geoffrey and Emily." The Fat Controller said.

"Ah, good names." The inspector commented.

"Well, I wasn't actually the one who thought of their names." chuckled the Fat Controller.

"I know." The inspector replied and he wrote on his notebook.

"Next location, Thomas." The Fat Controller proudly announced.

"Yes sir." tooted Thomas and he puffed away.

"Good luck, Thomas!" called the other engines.

Thomas' next stop was at the Depot, the inspector saw the narrow gauge engines. "I'm guessing they're narrow gauge, right?" said the inspector.

"Why, yes you're right." The Fat Controller said. "Their names are Rheneas, Skarloey, Rusty, Mighty Mac, Freddie, Luke, Peter Sam, Sir Handel, Bertram, Duke and Duncan, the latter of who can be a bit grumpy at times." The Fat Controller explained, Duncan snorted quietly.

"I like seeing engines like these." The inspector commented.

"Well, I'm glad you do, but they're not my engines, they're Mr. Percival's engines, he's the controller of this railway." The Fat Controller explained.

"I see." said the inspector as he wrote in his notebook. Thomas then chuffed away to his next location.

Thomas had arrived at the Coaling Plant, the hopper had been mended. "Wow, good coaling yard." The inspector said.

"Actually, it's a Coaling Plant." The Fat Controller corrected.

"Oh right, I was wrong." The inspector said, then he saw two engines working there. "Who are they?" The inspector asked.

"Those engines are called James and Murdoch." The Fat Controller said. "Murdoch is a very strong engine, who has 10 drive wheels and loves the quiet, he helped clean the coaling plant when the hopper fell." The stout gentleman explained.

"Wow, that is really useful." The inspector commented.

James however was shunting trucks sulking. The inspector saw his unhappy expression. "What's up with uh... James, is it?" The inspector asked.

"Yes James." The Fat Controller said. "Well, as you see, he doesn't really like doing jobs like this." he explained. "He is quite vain also, as he loves his splendid red paint."

"I see." The inspector said meekly.

"That's right." James burst out. "I am the most splendid red engine on Sodor." he commented.

"And that's his usual catchphrase." The Fat Controller chuckled.

"I can tell." The inspector replied.

"Now to the next location, Thomas." The Fat Controller said.

"Okay!" Thomas said and he chuffed away.

Murdoch whistled quietly. "Good luck, Thomas." he said meekly.

"I will Murdoch." Thomas replied back.

Thomas was passing the Steamworks, there was Victor and Kevin with Arthur, who had just been repaired. He was glad. "Thanks Victor." Arthur said. "Now I can get back to work."

"Indeed, my friend." Victor said, then he saw Thomas. "Oh, hello Thomas." he said. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm taking the Fat Controller and an important inspector around the island." Thomas explained.

"Okay." said Victor, then the inspector leaned out the window and saw Arthur, Victor and Kevin.

"Who are those engines Sir Topham?" The inspector asked.

"They're Arthur, Victor and Kevin." The Fat Controller explained. "Arthur was severely damaged during the storm, and he's been at the steamworks for a couple of days." he said.

"And now he's fixed." The railway inspector said. "That is good to hear."

"Thank you." said Arthur politely.

"Not long now before the tour is over." said the Fat Controller.

"Just two more locations, isn't it?" The inspector asked.

"Yes." said the Fat Controller. "Two more." And Thomas puffed away.

He arrived at the docks, and everything was in good shape again. "And this is Brendam Docks." The Fat Controller proudly announced.

"A dockside? Very important indeed." said the inspector.

These are the engines who work here: Salty and Porter, and Cranky, who can grumble a lot." The Fat Controller explained. Cranky just scoffed.

"Oh and this location had the most storm damage in it then any other place on the island." The Fat Controller explained. "And thanks to the dockside team and the breakdown train here, the docks is as good as new again." the stout gentleman proudly spoke out.

"Very good." said the inspector.

"Now to the next location, Thomas." said the Fat Controller.

"Yes sir." Thomas tooted as he steamed out of the docks.

The last location they visited was Henry's Tunnel. "Here we are!" Thomas tooted. "Henry's Tunnel."

The inspector looked around the tunnel. "Looks very old, doesn't it?" he said.

"Of course." agreed the Fat Controller. "One of the tunnels had badly collapsed and Bill and Ben, the tank engine twins here, helped to fix it again." he said.

"Very useful engines." The inspector commented.

"Indeed." agreed the Fat Controller and Thomas chuffed away to Vicarstown.

Thomas had made it back to Vicarstown. "And that," said the Fat Controller, "is the whole of Sodor. Did you like it?" the stout gentleman asked.

"Liked it?" exclaimed the inspector. "I didn't like it, I loved it!" he cried out.

The Fat Controller was pleased. "Good to hear." he said.

"I'll look through the whole of my notebook, and look at what I've seen." The inspector said and he did, then he spoke up. "Sir Topham." said the inspector. "The Island of Sodor is first place in my top ten railways. Here's your badge." The inspector gave the Fat Controller a number "1" badge. The Fat Controller was pleased.

"Thank you." he said.

"I've never visited such a very fabulous railway." said the Inspector. "But now, I have to go back to the Mainland, Spencer will be taking me home."

"Alright." said the Fat Controller. The inspector climbed aboard Spencer's coach and Spencer steamed away.

"Bye sudrians, well should I say, Thomas!" Spencer puffed, sniggering.

Thomas just glared at him, but blew his whistle delightfully. The Fat Controller was very pleased with Thomas. "Thomas, your plan has saved the day, my engines have worked hard to help clean the railway, and now the railway is a great success, now Sodor is his favourite railway." The Fat Controller said proudly.

"It was no problem sir." Thomas tooted. "I am number 1 anyway."

The Fat Controller laughed. "Of course you are." he said. "And why don't you have this badge?"

"Oh thank you sir." Thomas tooted. Thomas was glad to be the number 1 engine on the Fat Controller's railway.

The End




  • The special is slightly similar to the 2005 special Calling All Engines!.
  • References to the story Henry the Warrior and the first season episode Dirty Objects are made.