The second season of The Adventures on Sodor will air sometime in late August-September 2017 and will end sometime probably in December or January 2018.


  1. Disappearing Diesel - The tower at Great Waterton is once again destroyed by some runaway trucks that came loose from Diesel, who tries to hide fearing he'll be sent away from Sodor.
  2. Unique Engines - 'Arry and Bert tease Harvey for having a crane arm, but soon get what they deserved after an unexpected accident.
  3. Haunted Henry's Forest - Salty tells Henry that a ghost engine is haunting his forest at night looking for his home, in which Henry later comes face to face with the ghost.
  4. Trouble on the Line - Smudger is given another chance and is sent to help on the Skarloey Railway, but he causes trouble again riding roughly along the rails.
  5. Fire at Ffarquhar - An accident at Ffarquhar causes the sheds to set alight, and Belle and Flynn, with the help of the Sodor Fire Brigade help put out the fire.
  6. The New Controller - The Fat Controller injures his leg at Knapford and has to stay in hospital for a few days, while a man is in charge of the railway for a while, but he is very rude and is also lazy causing turmoil chaos on the railway.
  7. Trouble with Brakevans - James has to use Bradford as the brake-van for his train, but he simply refuses to work with Bradford after an incident with another brake-van in the past.
  8. Jealous James - James becomes jealous of the Flying Scotsman and tries his best to be as famous as him, but his tries only backfire.
  9. Journey to London Part 1 - Gordon, along with the Flying Scotsman and Spencer go on a trip to London to collect a very important express train.
  10. Journey to London Part 2 - While the three Gresleys make their way to London, a clan of diesel shunters chase after them.
  11. Journey to London Part 3 - The chase with the Gresleys and diesels is still occurring, but will the Gresleys manage to take the very important express train to London on time?
  12. Jack and the Quack - Jack accidentally damages a duck pond, and is disappointed when he is forced to look everywhere for the ducks.
  13. Fizzling Ferdinand - Ferdinand is sent to help out on Sodor while Bash and Dash stay on Misty Island, but the two start to miss Ferdinand a lot.
  14. Sidney Gets Lost - Sidney is sent to work on Edward's Branch Line, but doesn't know the way and ends up missing.
  15. Theo and Fergus - Theo is sent to Sodor and meets up with Fergus, the two become quick friends.
  16. Too Many Breakdown Cranes - Three railway inspectors come to visit Sodor, and questions the Fat Controller if three breakdown cranes are needed, which makes Rocky feel threatened that he'll be sent away.
  17. Duncan's Dilemma - Duncan has trouble trying to take a long train of slate to the old quarry.
  18. Fast as a Rocket - Hannah wants to be part of Caitlin's high-speed train due to her obsession of high speeds, but she soon thinks otherwise since Caitlin is going much too fast for her liking.
  19. Bad for My Swerves! - Ryan has an accident on the Harwick Branch and is sent to the steamworks, so Daisy has to do all of Ryan's jobs while he's gone, but complains about her springs and swerves.
  20. Ghost on the Bridge - Bill and Ben hear an unusual noise on the bridge at the Watermill, and get Timothy to come along with them whilst they take their train of china clay to the docks.
  21. In the Drink - Trevor is called to pull some old cherry trees out of the ground and after some tiring work, he stops for a drink, but almost falls into the water.
  22. Captain's Heroic Rescue - Captain is sad that he hardly gets to help in any rescue, but when Skiff has an accident far-out at sea, his chance comes when he has to save both him and the tourists.
  23. Trapped in Tidmouth - Some snow that is piled atop of Tidmouth station falls down and blocks the entire station causing Duck, Oliver and Stepney to become trapped and Dustin is brought in to help.
  24. A Treasury Christmas - Marion finds a Christmas tree buried under the rocks at the clay pits and believes that it's treasure.
  25. Alone for Christmas - Beresford is sad that he never gets to celebrate Christmas due to being stuck at the Mainland canal all the time, but Thomas wants him to feel joyful and give him a Christmas surprise.
  26. Christmas for the Mountain Engines - While Ernest is taking a passenger train to Kirk Machan at Christmas time, the rails on the mountains are too slippery and he cannot get to the mountain top at all, not even with help from his sandboxes.


Donald, Douglas, Samson and the rest of the narrow gauge and Culdee Fell engines are also likely to appear.


  • This will be the first season of The Adventures on Sodor to have an episode which is a rewrite of an actual television series episode (Ghost on the Bridge, which is a rewrite of the twentieth season episode Three Steam Engines Gruff).

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