The one-hundreth season of the television series began airing on October 9th, 2017 in the UK.


  1. Geoffrey's Real - Geoffrey, a red tender engine from the Mainland arrives on Sodor, but a lot of engines mistake it for an engine that Thomas had made up in the past.
  2. Toby and Philip - When Toby has to take the quarry workers home for their tea, Philip decides to race Toby, but this just causes Toby to be late.
  3. Henry the Warrior - Henry is nervous of going up the hill at Ulfstead Castle, but is no longer nervous when Thomas tells him to turn from Worrier to Warrior.
  4. Diesel Saves the Day - Diesel is causing trouble for the other engines, but when Thomas is about to fall into the Duck Pond, Diesel comes to the rescue.
  5. Trouble with Brakevans - Bradford is told to be James' brake van, but James refuses to work with him, due to an issue with another brake van in the past and also due to the fact that Bradford kept making everyone late when he first arrived on Sodor.
  6. Samson's Waste Dump - Samson is sent to work at the Waste Dump with Scruff while Whiff does Samson's work, but neither are prepared for what's ahead.
  7. Coach Brakes - Peter Sam is having trouble with his coaches' brakes.
  8. Jealous James - James is jealous of the Flying Scotsman, so he tries to get himself famous, but this leads to trouble.
  9. Skiff and the Lighthouse - Skiff helps Captain Joe warn everyone about the lighthouse at Arlesburgh Harbour which has a broken lamp, but ends up getting into trouble himself.
  10. The Railcar and the Passengers - Daisy is asked to bring visitors to see the sights around the Island of Sodor, but her arrogance gets in the way.
  11. Scottish Engines - Donald, Douglas and Duncan are helping Lord Callan set up a party at Castle Loch.
  12. Rheneas' Risky Ride - Rheneas is taking some inspectors around the Skarloey Railway, but ends up becoming a runaway on the Rocky Ridge Line.
  13. Salty's Secret Story - Salty has a secret story to tell and he won't tell any of the other engines.
  14. Oliver and the Coaches - Oliver has been chosen to pull the Slip Coaches for a day, but Duck is sad when the Fat Controller sends him to take a goods train to the docks.
  15. Spencer the Show-Off - Spencer shows off his speed to Stephen, Glynn, Stafford and Philip, but he soon learns his lesson when all four engines have to shunt him to the Steamworks after he has an accident.
  16. Porter the Perfectionist - Porter starts to nitpick everything that anyone does wrong.
  17. The Crashing Kipper - James teases Henry for being 'Accident-Prone' and calls him a jinx.
  18. Mike and James - Mike and James develop a rivalry.
  19. Trouble Trucks - The Sodor Construction Company are helping out at a new building and Max and Monty cause trouble.
  20. The Lost Letters - Santa's letters blow away in a snowstorm and Percy must find them so the children of the world can get their Christmas presents.
  21. Snowploughing at Christmas - Donald and Douglas are ploughing all the tracks on Christmas Eve so Connor can bring the passengers home in time from the mainland.
  22. The Christmas Engines - Glynn and Stephen get decorated on Christmas Day, but when Glynn has an accident and all his decorations fall off, Stephen has to go and save him.
  23. Duncan's Dilemma - Duncan is being grumpy at Christmas time and he runs into a snowdrift and gets trapped in it.
  24. Ryan and the Snow - Ryan doesn't like snow, but when there is a snowstorm, he has to be brave and plough through all the snow to deliver the mail on time.
  25. Henry in the Darkness - Henry has to take a goods train to a yard near Old Bailey's Station, but he has to take the track leading to the station itself, but gets lost, as it is too dark, even his lamp can't light the dark up.
  26. Timothy and the Aquarium - Bill and Ben trick Timothy into saying that he has to take sea creatures to an aquarium at Arlesburgh when it is really Ryan who was given the job.
  27. Sidney Helps Out - Sidney is sent to work on the Little Western, but gets lost on the way and all the engines have to find him.
  28. Skiff and the Dolphin - Skiff sees a dolphin jump out of the sea and onto an island a few metres from Arlesburgh Harbour and he wants to help it get back into the water again.
  29. Rusty Rescue - Rusty has an accident at Skarloey Bridge, and Duncan is sent to rescue him.
  30. Thomas the Hero - Thomas wants to do something heroic on Sir Robert Norramby's birthday, his chance comes when the Fat Controller is left at Knapford station.


  1. The Return of Sailor John


  1. Engine Rollcall (Season 19 CGI Version)
  2. Never, Never, Never Give Up (Season 100 CGI Version)
  3. Troublesome Trucks (Season 100 CGI Version)
  4. Little Engines (Season 100 CGI Version)
  5. Salty (Season 100 CGI Version)
  6. Boo! Boo! Choo-Choo (Season 100 CGI Version)
  7. The Whistle Song (Season 100 CGI Version)
  8. Race with Thomas
  9. Welcome it's Christmas


Characters introduced


UK and AUS



  • This season marks the first of several things:
    • Fergus, Murdoch, Duke, the Spiteful Brakevan, Kelly, Old Bailey, the Captain and Miss Jenny's first appearance in full CGI. Although, the Spiteful Brakevan only appeared in a flashback sequence.
    • Arlesburgh Sheds, Crosby Tunnel, Hawin Lake, Barrow-in-Furness, Echo Pass Ravine, Whispering Waterfall and the Rocky Ridge Line's first appearance in full CGI.
    • The first season in the CGI Series to feature songs from the Classic Series.
    • The first season in the Arc era where Thomas doesn't appear in all Christmas/Snowy episodes as he was absent in Ryan and the Snow.
    • The first season to have 30 episodes making this the longest season to date.
  • This is the last season to be animated by Arc Productions under their original name.
  • The following characters that have appeared in the CGI Series recently don't appear in this season, these being:
    • Diesel 10
    • Gator
    • The Logging Locos
    • The International Engines
    • Hannah
    • Merlin
    • Frankie
    • Hurricane
    • Sailor John

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