Scottish Engines
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date December 10th, 2016
Written by OliverDuckandToad11
Directed by OliverDuckandToad11
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Skarloey Comes Home

Scottish Engines is the eleventh episode of the first season.


Donald and Douglas are Scottish twin engines, they're practical, peppery and proud, they both work on the Fat Controller's railway. They came from Scotland, which is their old home.

One day, the Fat Controller had sent the twins to the docks. "Donald and Douglas," he said, "I have an important job for you. I want you both to help Lord Callan set up a party at Castle Loch." The twins were excited.

"'A like goin' to Lord Callan's castle." said Donald.

"Me too." said Douglas.

"'A remember that time where we took that train to tha' castle, but we got stuck behind that fallen tree." Donald steamed.

"'A remember too." Douglas puffed.

"Oh, and Lord Callan has wanted one of the Thin Controller's engines to help too and he is also Scottish." said the Fat Controller.

"Who'd that be sir?" asked Donald.

"Duncan will be helping you." the Fat Controller replied. Donald and Douglas gasped, they didn't really like Duncan that much.

"Och, why Duncan?" asked Donald.

"'His gonna make us late." added Douglas.

"Don't worry," the Fat Controller laughed, "if he does cause trouble then I'm sure the Thin Controller will have a word with him, besides you're all Scottish engines." he chuckled.

"Uh... okay sir." Donald muttered.

"Oh and also, Harvey will be loading the decorations needed for the party." the Fat Controller said. "You must do it now Harvey."

"Yes sir." puffed Harvey and the Fat Controller drove away, but Donald and Douglas were still unsure about this.

Soon, Harvey had finished loading the trucks, but the twins were still unhappy. "I don't know why we hav' to work with Duncan, he's so irritating." Donald complained.

"I agree wit' ya Donal'." wheeshed Douglas. "He likes rock 'n' roll and dashing aboot 'is work."

"Exactly." agreed Donald. Then Charlie puffed in.

"Hello Donald and Douglas," he said, "would you like to hear a joke?"

"Alright Charlie," Donald puffed, "but just this one joke and then 'am off." Then Charlie started...

"What do you call a Scottish boat which roams the sea all over the world?" he asked.

Donald thought carefully. "'A don't know Charlie," he said, "what is it?" Charlie giggled and burst out...

"The Loch Ness Monster!" and he laughed. Donald didn't think it was funny, but then he had an idea and began to tease Charlie. "Charlie!" exclaimed Donald, Charlie stopped laughing.

"Yes?" he said swiftly.

"Did 'ya know that up at Castle Loch, the Loch Ness Monster roams the sea tryin' 'ta get 'ye?" said Donald teasingly. Charlie's smile quickly turned into a frown.

"W-What! Really?" he asked curiously.

"Yes, indeed," Donald chuckled, "it has giant sharp teeth and huge eyes..."

" 'ya better 'bi carefully up there." finished Douglas. Charlie didn't say anything after that, but Harvey interrupted.

"Okay Donald and Douglas, stop scaring Charlie and get going."

"Right 'ye are Harvey." the twins chuffed and they steamed out of the docks.

At the depot, Duncan was bragging to the other engines. "And I hav' to take a train of decorations 'ta Castle Loch." Duncan boasted. "'A can't wait to do this sort of work." But the other engines were getting bored of Duncan's bragging.

"Okay Duncan, we've heard you lots of times now." muttered Rusty.

"Of course we have." agreed Rheneas. "You still have to do work which involves trucks, but going to Castle Loch, but how can you get there anyway? There are no narrow gauge tracks up there?"

"Well, the Thin Controller said that they've built narrow gauge lines that go up ta' Castle Loch, so us narrow gauge engines can go up there." he explained.

"Oh right," puffed Peter Sam, "I didn't know that."

"Neither did I!" agreed Rusty.

"Duncan!" exclaimed Peter Sam. "Do you realize that you have to work with Donald and Douglas in this job?"

"Yes I... wait, what?!" Duncan exclaimed, he was confused. "I hav' 'ta work with Donald and Douglas, but why? They're gonna start teasing me!"

"Well, you tease engines a lot Duncan." said Rusty. "No offence, but sometimes you can get a bit annoying."

"I know right?" agreed Rheneas, but Duncan did not really care, but he was also not very happy.

"But I'm workin' with standard gauge engines for this job." he complained.

"Duncan," wheeshed Rheneas, "Donald and Douglas are Scottish engines and you're too. Lord Callan wanted you and the twins to help him because you're all Scottish engines and Lord Callan is a Scottish lord." the little old engine puffed.

"I know that." Duncan retorted. "Besides, I hav' work 'ta do and I can't stay 'ere and chat 'ta you lot about it." and Duncan puffed away to deliver his train.

Meanwhile on the Castle Loch Causeway, Donald and Douglas were puffing happily along the line, they could see Lord Callan's castle up in the distance, but it was very misty at the causeway and Donald and Douglas couldn't really see a thing. "Aye, I can't see where 'am goin." Donald wheeshed.

"Neither can I." added Douglas, but the twins stayed chuffing until they had reached Lord Callan's castle, they were pleased.

"Here 'ye ar' Lord Callan," said Donald, "the decorations 'ye needed."

Lord Callan was greatful. "Thank you Donald and Douglas." he said. "Now you have to go and collect the rest of the decorations."

Donald and Douglas gasped. "More decorations?!" exclaimed Donald.

"Yes," said Lord Callan, "more decorations."

"Okay." muttered the two twins.

"Let's get back to the docks." Donald puffed and the twins raced back to the docks.

The twins returned to the docks to pick up another train of decorations, but this train was heavier and longer. "This train is more longer than tha' other one." said Donald.

"I can tell alright!" retorted Douglas.

"'Aye, I was only sayin'!" Donald replied back.

Porter had shunted the train of decorations into place. "Okay, that's enough you two," he said, "your train is ready, now you can get going."

"Thanks Porter." Donald wheeshed. Harvey had finished loading the twins' trucks.

"Off you go now, Donald and Douglas." he ordered.

"Thanks Harvey," said Donald, "we'll be on our way noow." and the twins set off to Lord Callan's castle again.

Back on the Skarloey Railway, Duncan had arrived at the yards so he could get his train of decorations needed for the party. "Okay," he steamed, "now 'a hav' to take 'tis train to Lord Callan's castle." Duncan was coupled up to the train of decorations and he chuffed away. Duncan was chuffing through the Castle Loch Causeway with the train of decorations needed for Lord Callan's castle. "Huh!" he scoffed. "This fog is really thick and 'a can't see where 'am goin'" Duncan chuffed through the mist and his eyes started pointing at the tracks. "I need 'ta get there. I need 'ta get there!" he puffed to himself, he was struggling through the mist. Then he heard two whistles in the distance, it was Donald and Douglas who were chuffing to Lord Callan's castle, Duncan knew it was them. "Oh no! It's them," he wheeshed.

"Here is trouble." laughed his driver. Donald and Douglas were struggling to see because of the mist.

"'A still can't see a thing." Donald struggled.

"I can only see the grass beside us." added Douglas. Then Donald seen something yellow on the narrow gauge track beside him.

"Is that Duncan?" he thought trying to look very closely.

"I think it is!" said Douglas.

"Wait a minute... it is Duncan." Donald gasped.

"Oh no, he's goin' 'ta start trouble noow." worried Douglas. Duncan pulled up beside the two twins, they glared at each other.

"What do you want?" snorted Duncan.

"Listen Duncan!" Donald steamed.

"Don't start causing trouble." warned Douglas.

"'A won't cause trouble," Duncan huffed, "I'm doing work."

"Why were you sent to work with us anyway Duncan?" asked Donald.

"Apparently, 'cos all three of us are Scottish engines and Lord Callan wanted a party for only us Scottish engines." he explained huffily.

"Well, we have work 'ta do and we don't want 'ye to boss us aboot." Donald said sharply.

"A won't!" snapped Duncan. But then there was trouble. Up ahead, there were some fallen trees on the line. "Oh no!" cried Donald and Douglas and they applied their brakes... just in time, but Duncan wasn't looking as it was too foggy to see properly.

"Duncan, look out!" cried Donald.

"'Am not havin' you teasin' me or playin' tricks on me." Duncan huffed crossly.

"No Duncan!" cried Donald, "Please, it's true! There are some fallen trees on the line!"

"What!" exclaimed Duncan, he saw the branches up ahead. "Oh no!" he cried and he applied his brakes, but it was too late. Duncan had crashed right into the fallen trees and he was lay across the narrow gauge track, but luckily his crew had jumped clear. "Ow!" he groaned. "That hurt!" The Scottish trio were stuck.

"Why don't we take the causeway?" thought Donald's driver. Douglas' driver knew that the causeway was old and rickety. "It's too dangerous!" he said.

"We'll never get to tha' castle now." sighed Donald, the engines knew that the party would now have to be cancelled. . Back at Castle Loch, Lord Callan was very worried. "Where are they?" he thought and he telephoned the Fat Controller. The Fat Controller was in his office putting on his attire for Lord Callan's party when he got the call.

"Hello Lord Callan." he said. "What's that?" "Donald, Douglas and Duncan trapped by the loch." he exclaimed loudly. "I'll send help as soon as I can."

As the hours passed, night fell and it was more foggier than ever. "When will help arrive?" asked Duncan impatiently, "I'm sick of just lying here."

"'A want 'ta go home." Donald moaned.

"Me too." agreed Douglas. "But we can't until we deliver this train to Callan Castle." Suddenly, the three engines saw something moving in the water.

"What's that?" cried Donald.

"Is it the Loch Ness Monster?" asked Douglas. The three engines looked again anxiously and could see the thing moving more closer. "I'm sure it is!" cried Douglas.

"It is!" cried Donald.

"'Am outta hereeeeeee!" cried Duncan, he started to turn his wheels, but as he was lay on his side, his wheels were rubbing against the mountainside. Suddenly, a landslide had fallen onto the tracks trapping the three engines from behind, the brake van at the back of the train had been derailed by the landslide, but the Guard luckily jumped clear before the landslide hit the van. The three engines were even more worried. "Don't get me!" cried Duncan.

"Don't get us!" cried the twins. Donald, Douglas and Duncan felt like it was the last for them. Then...

"Hey, it's only us!" came a voice. Donald, Douglas and Duncan knew who this was.

"Captain!" they exclaimed. Captain had brought the tree specialists to the causeway so they could cut the branches away. Then Harvey puffed in to clear the branches off of the tracks and to put Duncan back on track.

"We're here too." he said. Donald, Douglas and Duncan were relieved, but they did feel silly of what they thought was the Loch Ness Monster.

By morning, the lines had been clear. "Okay Donald, Douglas and Duncan." said one of the specialists, "off you go now."

"Thank you," wheeshed Donald, "and thanks 'ta you too, Captain."

"Oh, it was nothing." said Captain. "I'm just doing my job."

Duncan had been re-railed. "Thanks Harvey," he said, "I hate being lay across the track."

"You're welcome, Duncan." Harvey steamed. Then the Scottish engines remembered.

"Oh no!" cried Donald. "We need to get to the castle!"

"But we better hurry. We're all ready late indeed!" added Douglas.

"We're goin' 'ta be in big trouble now," said Duncan worriedly, "We'd better make up for lost time!" and the three Scottish engines hurried quickly away.

Lord Callan's workers were waiting for the three engines to arrive so they could unload their trucks. "We're here at last!" said Donald thoughtfully.

"Yes, after all that time of being trapped between tha' fallen tree and the landslide on the causeway." added Douglas.

"Great," sighed Duncan, "now I can rest mah wheels." Lord Callan walked out of the castle and was pleased.

"Splendid!" he said, "You're finally here, now let's get your trucks unloaded." said the Scottish lord gratefully.

Soon, the decorations were unloaded and the castle was a great success. Duncan felt bad about what he had said to Donald and Douglas. "I'm sorry for what 'a said 'ta you earlier." he said feeling guilty inside.

"And we're sorry for not wantin' ta' work 'wit 'ye." said Donald.

"Of course!" agreed Douglas. Lord Callan was pleased that his castle was decorated, so was the Fat Controller.

"Well done Donald, Douglas and Duncan," he said, "you were late to bring the decorations to the castle, but at least you tried your best."

"Thank you sir." said the three engines.

"You're a very famous trio of engines." said Lord Callan.

"And very useful." added the Fat Controller.

"Ach, aye!" agreed the three engines.




  • This episode is based on the seventh season episode Bad Day at Castle Loch. References to said episode are also made.

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