• Number: 2991
  • Class: BR Class 07
  • Designer: Ruston & Hornsby
  • Builder: Ruston & Hornsby
  • Built: 1962
  • Configuration: 0-6-0
  • Top Speed: 27.5 mph

Salty is a diesel shunter who works at Brendam Docks.


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Salty is a BR Class 07 diesel shunter. The number he has, 2991, is a real BR number belonging to a member of the class; built in 1962, this locomotive escaped the cutter's torch by becoming a static generator at Eastleigh Railway Works and is still working there under the ownership of Knights Rail Services as of March 2007. This class of locomotives worked at Southampton Docks, where they replaced the older SR USA (Rosie's class) and LB&SCR E2 (Thomas's class) tank engines.


Salty is painted crimson with pink warning stripes along his body, yellow and black hazard stripes on his front and rear and yellow buffer beams with signs of rust. At the top of his forehead, he has the brim of a skipper's hat. His name is painted on his rear section and his number is painted on his cab sides, both in black.

In Salty's Surprise, it is revealed that due to a shortage of red paint, he was once painted green.



Voice Actors


  • Salty differs slightly from his basis. Most Class 07s have a crankshaft at the end of their siderods. Salty lacks this feature.
  • Some of Nitrogen Studios promos of Salty lack the rust on his bufferbeams.
  • One of Salty's models was on display at Nitrogen Studios; its current location is unknown.
  • A production-made face of Salty is preserved by the Coffey Man Preservation from the Prop Gallery.
  • Salty has gone several modifications throughout the Television Series. These include:
    • Season 7:
      • His horn sound changed.
    • Calling All Engines:
      • His horn sound changed to Derek's at a higher pitch.
    • Season 10
      • His horn changed again.
      • His eyebrows became thicker.
    • Misty Island Rescue:
      • His cap brim became shorter
      • He gained a permanent tail-lamp.
      • His buffers became less rusty and weathered.
      • His face became larger.
    • Day of the Diesels:
      • His horn sound changed to Derek's at regular pitch.
    • Tale of the Brave:
      • He gained a permanent lamp.
    • Season 19:
      • His cap brim became longer again.
  • His Take Along and early Take-n-Play model had a red running plate and bufferbeam.

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