Percy's Oil Spill
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date December 3rd, 2016
Written by OliverDuckandToad11
Directed by OliverDuckandToad11
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Percy's Oil Spill is the second episode of the first season.


In the harvest time, the air is filled with fresh fruit and vegetables. But one day, there was rain pouring down on the Island of Sodor, Percy was taking trucks full of fruit to market, but up ahead, he saw a flood in the track.

"Oh no!" cried Percy, his driver applied the brakes, but it was too late. Percy was from wheel to buffer in the flood. It wasn't long before Thomas came to pull him out.

"Percy, how did this happen to you?" the blue E2 asked.

Percy sighed, "This big puddle was on the tracks and I tried applying my brakes, but I was too late to stop so I splashed right into it." he explained.

"Well, you don't have to worry anymore." Thomas whistled, "You're rescued now."

"Oh, thank you Thomas!" wheeshed Percy. "You're a good best friend."

"Thank you, Percy." tooted Thomas and he puffed away. Percy's wheels were wet after he had rolled right into the flood, but he continued to go on his way.

After Percy had delivered the fruit to the market, he puffed away to collect some coal trucks so he could take them to the Coaling Plant, it was no longer raining and the sun was out, but there were still some parts of the track flooded. He arrived at the yards and coupled up to some empty coal trucks and then he puffed away. Percy arrived at the coaling plant and shunted his trucks under the hopper.

"Good, now that's done." Percy puffed to himself.

But the Troublesome Trucks started to cause trouble. "Let's go forward." whispered one truck. "Yeah, so Percy can get covered in coal." whispered another. "On the count of 3!" whispered the truck. "1... 2... 3... On! On! On!" began the trucks.

"Woah!" Percy cried as the trucks jolted him forward. Coal went all over him. "Silly trucks!" Percy spluttered, the trucks giggled, but Percy bumped them hard.

"Ow! That hurt!" cried out one truck.

"That's what you get for making me get covered in coal." scolded Percy. But the trucks still giggled.

"Come on Percy." said his driver, "It's time we had a rest, I think."

"Oh, okay." puffed Percy and he puffed away.

Later, Percy was sent to take oil tankers to the depot.

"Let's get going Percy." said his driver, "We don't want any diesel engines to start breaking down, do we?"

"Absolutely not!" Percy replied. But just as Percy was about to couple up to the oil tankers, Harold hovered in, he was on medical duties.

"Oh, hello Percy!" said Harold. "Can't stop to talk, I'm on medical duties." the helicopter whizzed.

"Okay Harold." said Percy, but as Harold flew away, the dust that was being blown by his blades went all over Percy.

"Oh, great!" Percy sighed, "I'm covered in dust!"

"We can't wait here any longer." said Percy's driver, "We have work to do." so Percy coupled up to the oil tankers and puffed away.

Percy was puffing happily through the countryside, he seen lots of puddles on the tracks.

"Wow!" Percy gasped. "The rain has made a lot of mess recently." he was looking down at the track in case there was any rain water on it. Suddenly, he drove over a puddle, Percy's front was covered in rainy water.

"Woah! Where did that rain come from?" thought Percy who was now very confused. But then there was trouble, there was a very big puddle on the track up ahead.

"Oh no!" cried Percy. His driver applied the brakes, but it was too late. Percy had fallen right into the big puddle which went up to his wheels, the tankers were leaking and there was oil all over the track. There was also oil covered all over Percy. Percy felt very bad about himself.

"Oh no!" he sighed. "There's oil all over me and my wheels are soaking wet. Oh, what will the Fat Controller say?"

He was soon to find out. "Percy!" exclaimed the Fat Controller. "What a mess!"

"I'm sorry sir." Percy sighed. "You're very late, I know it wasn't your fault that this big puddle was on the track, but you could have just taken a different way which was dry." the Fat Controller suggested.

"Yes sir!" sighed Percy.

"Now the oil tankers are leaking and there's oil everywhere, even on you Percy." The Fat Controller coughed quite heavily. "This means something really bad will happen.

"What would that be sir?" Percy asked, confusingly.

The Fat Controller coughed and spoke up. "Well, none of the diesel engines on my railway will be working." the stout gentleman sighed.

"Yes they will sir!" peeped Percy. "I'll deliver these tankers to the depot no matter if I'm wet." the green tank engine said encouragingly. The Fat Controller looked up at his engine and smiled.

"Well then Percy," he said. "After you're out of this flood, you must take the oil to the depot quickly as you're already late."

"Yes sir!" said Percy. "And after you've delivered your oil tankers to the depot. You can go to the washdown to get cleaned.

"Yes sir! Thank you sir!" Percy whistled happily.

After Percy was out of the flood, the mess was cleaned up, the tankers were covered up with tape and Percy puffed off to the yards to get more oil. As Percy came for more oil, he chuffed quickly again to the depot.

At last, he arrived at the depot, but he was more late now and it was already dusk. The coaling plant manager was cross.

"Percy, you should have been here 2 hours ago." he scolded, "And you're very late indeed!"

"I'm sorry, sir." muttered Percy. "But there was a flood on the track and I got stuck on it."

"And why have you got oil all over you?" asked the manager.

Percy gulped. "Well... When I was fell into the flood, the oil in the tankers were leaking and oil splattered all over me." he explained worriedly.

"Oh!" said the manager.

"Luckily, I got more oil from the yards." Percy puffed.

"That's good." said the manager. "Anyway, let's unload these oil barrels." he said. So as the workers unloaded the oil barrels, Percy puffed away to the washdown.

That night, when Percy came back to Tidmouth Sheds after having his washdown, it was very late indeed.

"Percy!" Thomas exclaimed, "Where have you been?"

Percy sighed, not really wanting to tell Thomas his story. "Well, I had lots of jobs to do today, first I was taking fruit to the market, then I was taking empty coal trucks to the coaling plant and then I was sent to take oil tankers to the depot, but I ran into a flood and the oil leaked everywhere, even on me. And as a result, I was very late taking the oil tankers to the depot." Percy explained.

"Oh my!" said Thomas, but Gordon and James just laughed.

"Silly Percy!" laughed James.

"Yes indeed!" Gordon remarked. "A silly little tank engine getting covered in oil is so funny to hear!" and the two engines continued laughing just as Percy's whistle blew loudly, the two big engines paused and became silent.

"I may just be a little tank engine, but I'm still useful no matter what."

"Percy's right!" Thomas agreed, "Just because we're small little tank engines, that doesn't mean we're silly and we can't do things right." the blue E2 commented, "Apologise to Percy now!" scolded Thomas.

Gordon and James felt bad about themselves. "I'm sorry Percy for laughing at you because you fell into a flood." said James meekly.

"Yes, I'm sorry too." muttered Gordon. "Also for laughing at you because you fell into a flood and you got oil all you."

"Well!" said Thomas. "That's done!"

"Thank you Thomas." peeped Percy. "You're a good friend."

"Thanks Percy." puffed Thomas.

Percy still felt a little embarrassed of what happened that day, but he himself thought it was a little funny too.




  • This episode is similar to the sixth season episode Percy's Chocolate Crunch.
  • Out of all episodes in The Adventures on Sodor, this is the shortest episode in the series to air.

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