Fergus and the Small Engines
Season 1, Episode 23
Air date August 22nd, 2017
Written by OliverDuckandToad11
Directed by OliverDuckandToad11
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Bert's Milk Train
Gordon, Spencer and the Flying Scotsman

Fergus and the Small Engines is the twenty-third episode of the first season.


Fergus is a railway traction engine who is pride and works at the cement works, he will always follow the rules and obey them. But his usual "Do it right!" chant can irritate other engines, especially as he's telling them what to do and whatnot. Some engines like Diesel didn't like listening to Fergus' advice as he was the one who found it irritating of all, as did Bill and Ben, who have now learned after an accident occurred at the quarry. Now, Fergus rarely says the phrase, because more then that, he is hard at work at the cement works.

One day, the Fat Controller came to see Fergus. "I want you to help Duck and Oliver on their branch line." he said.

"Yes sir." said Fergus. "But... who are, Duck and Oliver?"

"They're Great Western engines who work on a line called 'The Little Western'" The Fat Controller explained. "And today you're going to be working on it."

"Okay, sir." said Fergus, but he was worried about Duck and Oliver, what if they weren't friendly? But as Fergus arrived at Arlesburgh West, Duck and Oliver were there. Duck was pleased to see Fergus.

"Oh, hello little traction engine." he whistled. "What's your name?"

"I'm Fergus, the pride of the cement works." Fergus replied.

"I'm Oliver and this is my brakevan, Toad." Oliver introduced.

"Are you new here?" asked Duck.

"Me?" exclaimed Fergus, "No, I've been on this island for years, since 2003."

"Oh, strange how I've never met you." Duck puffed. "But anyway, we have work to do."

"Indeed." agreed Oliver. "Come on Fergus." And the three engines chuffed off to work.

Fergus was hauling ballast trucks, they weren't like the trucks at the cement works. "Wow, these trucks are heavy." Fergus commented, he puffed under the chute of the ballast hopper.

"Oh, hello there." came a voice. Fergus jumped slightly.

"Huh... w-who was that?" he stammered. The voice laughed.

"It's only me." Fergus looked above him to find a little green tender engine on miniature tracks atop the chute, it was only Rex, but Fergus was surprised.

"Am I seeing things?" he asked. "Must be." And he shut his eyes tightly and when he opened one eye slightly, he could still see the engine there. "Wow," Fergus gasped, "why are you so tiny?"

"We're miniature engines." Rex explained.

"Miniature engines?!" Fergus exclaimed. "I've never seen such engines before."

"Well, a lot of engines have said that." chuckled Rex. "By the way, what's your name?" he asked.

"Oh, uh... my name is Fergus, I am 'Pride of the Cement Works', if you know what that place is." Fergus explained.

"Mmm, that's acknowledgeable." Rex remarked. "I'm Rex, and these other two engines are Bert, the blue engine and Mike, the red engine." he said.

"I see, you three look just like the big engines, you know; Henry, Gordon and James." he puffed.

Rex laughed. "Lots of people/engines have said that." he explained. "They call me Henry."

"They call me Gordon." said Bert.

"And they call me... James." Mike snorted.

"Oh, uh... right." Fergus chuckled. "But where am I supposed to go with these trucks?" he asked.

"Those are meant to go to the yard at Arlesburgh." Rex explained.

"Arlasburar?" Fergus exclaimed. "But I don't know the way."

"Arlesburgh!" Rex corrected. "Just travel down this section of track and you'll be there."

"T-Thanks." wheeshed Fergus and he steamed away.

Fergus arrived at the construction yard, he left his trucks in a siding near the shed and was about to chuff away when he saw Donald and Douglas, he decided to stop. "Hello you two." said Fergus.

"Aye, hello yon Fergus." whistled Donald.

"Whut 'at you doin' 'ere?" asked Douglas.

"The Fat Controller sent me to work here." Fergus explained. "You'll never believe this, I've just met some miniature engines." said Fergus.

"Och, the miniature engines ye mean?" asked Donald. "Rex, Bert and Mike."

"Well, I don't really know their names, but yes, I think it was those engines Donald." said Fergus.

"Aye, they're very friendly." said Douglas.

"Well, he can be friendly, but he's a bit like James." said Donald.

Fergus laughed. "I know." he said. "I actually said they look like the big engines."

"That's what everyone's bin thinking laddie." said Donald.

"And 'a have 'ta agree, they do resemble 'em." chuckled Douglas.

"I know." Fergus puffed. "But, do you two know where I'm supposed to go?" The traction engine asked.

"Aye, we do." steamed Douglas.

"Really?" exclaimed Fergus. "Do tell me."

"Ye need to go back 'ta Arlesburgh West an' collect more ballast." said Donald.

"Aah right, thanks Donald." said Fergus and he steamed away. Fergus arrived back at Arlesburgh West to collect more ballast hoppers, he saw Oliver nearby.

"Oh, hello Fergus." Oliver said cheerily.

"Uh... hi Oliver." said Fergus. "Have I got your name right?"

Oliver laughed. "Indeed you have." he chuckled.

"Hello Mr. Fergus." said Toad welcomingly.

"Oh, hi Toad." wheeshed Fergus.

"Anyway, there's still more ballast needed for the yard at Arlesburgh." said Oliver. "We're building a new line."

"I see." said Fergus as he got some ballast trucks and waited under the hopper, he waited for the miniature engines to come back, and they did. Rex whistled as he steamed on top of the hopper.

"Well, hello again." he said. "More ballast I'm guessing you're here for?"

"Absolutely!" answered Fergus. "I have to take it for some new line or something."

"The new line, it will run all the way from the yard at Arlesburgh up to the harbour." Rex explained.

"Actually, it's going from the yard at Arlesburgh up to here." corrected Bert.

"Oh, right. Silly me." said Rex as the ballast was loaded into Fergus' hoppers.

"Am I loaded yet?" he asked.

"Yes, sure." said Rex.

Fergus was pleased. "Thank you." he whistled and he chuffed away. Fergus arrived back at the yard with the hoppers, he worked hard all day until the yard manager came.

"Hello Fergus." he said. "There's a train that needs to be taken from Knapford Yards to Brendam." he explained. "Could you take it please?"

"Yes sir." steamed Fergus. "Besides, I am 'Pride of the Cement Works'" And Fergus chuffed away to do what he was asked.

When he arrived at the shunting yards, he saw Samson who was coupling up to a goods train. "Oh, hello Fergus." he said. "And what may I ask are you here for?"

"I'm taking this train to the docks." Fergus explained. "Then I'm going back to help with work on the new line in Arlesburgh." he said.

"Oh, very well." said Samson. "You wouldn't want to see a strong tank engine like me pull all these trucks would you?" The cabless tank engine smugly.

Fergus just rolled his eyes. "No, not really." he admitted.

Samson was surprised. "So your technically saying you wouldn't want to see me pull all these trucks." he puffed snootily.

Now Fergus was stern. "Do it right." he said.

"Oh no, not this silly phrase again." Samson muttered and he chuffed away.

Fergus sighed. "Uh, that Samson can be a pain in the buffers sometimes." he remarked and he chuffed away.

He arrived at the docks just in time. The Dock Manager was pleased.

"Well done Fergus." he complimented. "Now this shipment of stone can go to the Mainland."

"You're welcome, sir." said Fergus quietly. "I'm always happy to help, I do things right all the time."

The Dock Manager laughed. "We can see that, Fergus." he said. "Anyway, you better get going back to Arlesburgh, the line there still needs another engine to help."

"Oh, yes sir." said Fergus and he steamed away back to Arlesburgh. Meanwhile, during Fergus' absence, work on the new line was running unintentionally slow.

"Where's Fergus?" asked Duck.

"Shouldn't he be here helping with the work of the branch line?" puffed Oliver.

"Aye, he should be." said Donald.

"Wonder where the yon little engine has gotten to." Douglas wheeshed.

"Though, he was such a nice engine." commented Rex. "And a funny one."

"Aye, but if ye do something wrong, he'll always say the phrase 'Do it Right'" said Donald.

Rex was confused. "Really?" he asked.

"Yes, that's true." explained Douglas. Then a whistle sounded in the distance, it was Fergus. Everyone was pleased to see him.

"Fergus, where have you been?" asked Duck.

"You were supposed to be helping us." added Oliver.

"Oh, uh sorry." said Fergus. "I had other jobs to do, like taking a train from the shunting yards to the docks." The traction engine explained.

"Well, you shouldn't just wander off like that." said Duck sternly.

"Indeed." agreed Oliver.

"But we shouldn't just sit around all day, let's start work." said Duck and everyone went back to work. Fergus chuffed over to the miniature engines again.

"Hello again." said Fergus, blowing a welcoming whistle.

"Hello again, Fergus." said Rex. "Having a good day so far?"

"Yes of course." said Fergus. "So nice to be out of the cement works for once." he said.

"We'll be guaranteeing you'll like it here." chuckled Bert.

Fergus chuckled also. "Well, I do sort of already." he admitted.

Mike snorted rudely. Bert looked strictly at him. "Mike, please been polite to the little engine." he said.

"I'll try." Mike huffed sharply. "I'm just sick of people calling me James." he said.

Bert just rolled his eyes. "Is that all?" he asked. "All these happened this morning, it should be forgotten about."

"Well yes, but they make me look like a James clone." Mike indignantly replied.

"Okay, I don't want to hear anymore, thank you." said Bert.

"Okay." muttered Mike.

Fergus laughed at his antics. Mike was a little embarrassed, he wanted to respond in fury, but wanted to feel welcome for the new engine, so he stayed uncharacteristically calm.

"Well, there's a surprise." commented Rex. "Mike acting all calm, rather then acting with fury."

"Agreed." whispered Bert. Fergus just watched the small engines, he didn't do much, but sit there. Then Bert remembered.

"Fergus, you shouldn't even be here." he said.

"Really, w-why?" he stuttered.

"You're supposed to be helping out on the new line." Bert told him.

Fergus gasped. "Fizzling flywheels!" he cried. "Of course, I always follow the rules and obey them." And Fergus puffed quickly away.

At Arlesburgh Yard; the two Great Western and Scottish twin engines were hard at work, though they started to have second thoughts on having Fergus on their line. "Aye, whut's the point of 'avin 'im workin' on this line?" remarked Douglas.

"Indeed, he just won't help with the construction work." agreed Oliver. "He's just chatting with the small engines."

Toad was stern. "That is not how you treat newcomers Mr. Oliver." he scolded.

"Yes Toad." Oliver sighed, he didn't really like being told what to do by his own brakevan.

"Aye, let the poor wee engine have some space." said Donald.

"Donald's right." agreed Duck. "Fergus is new to this line, it'll take him a day or two to learn the line's route."

"Aye, as what Duck said." said Donald. "And you two are complainin' aboot 'im just because he ain't helping with the construction work, ye should feel a shame for yeselves." Donald scolded, the two engines sighed.

"Sorry twin." muttered Douglas.

"Same here." Oliver replied.

"Good, now you've learnt your lesson." said Toad.

Oliver had, had enough of being given orders by a brakevan. "Toad, just please stop ordering me about. No offence by the way, but it's not really got anything to do with you." The 14xx auto tank engine puffed sharply.

"Well, sorry." groaned Toad. "I was just being useful."

"I know." Oliver sighed. "It's just..." But he was lost in words. Fergus had finally arrived at Arlesburgh, Douglas and Oliver went quickly back to being snooty.

"At last, there you are." huffed Oliver.

"Indeed, whut time do ye call this?" added Douglas indignantly. Donald and Duck had enough, and Duck blew his whistle to get their attention.

"Didn't you hear what we just said before?" he asked eying the two.

"What?" exclaimed Douglas.

"We told you to stop complaining about Fergus and look what you do as soon as the little traction engine pulls up, you start acting rude and such." Duck scolded.

"Sorry." Oliver muttered, but he was still lost in words.

"Fergus, you are a really useful engine." Douglas admitted.

"Why thank you, Douglas." said Fergus greatfully. "Sorry for causing any confusion."

"Oh, it's okay." said Duck. "Sometimes engines can get annoyed like that if one who's supposed to be helping hasn't arrived yet." The pannier tank engine told him.

"I know, that's true." sighed Fergus. "I've done it wrong."

"Well, you did sort of," Duck admitted, "but you still are useful."

"I know, it's just ever since I met up with those little engines." said Fergus. "They're so friendly and I loved talking to them."

Duck could see his point. "I know." he said, "But that doesn't mean you can stop work to have a chat."

"I've learnt that by now." wheeshed Fergus. "I just don't feel like going back to the cement works." he said.

"Well, you are the pride of that landmark, so you'll probably be sent back there." said Duck.

"Aye, ye own home." Donald soothingly puffed.

"I mean, it has been very entertaining here, I have to agree." said Fergus.

"Well, we're glad you liked it." said Duck.

"This line will be finished in no time." added Oliver.

"Indeed." said Donald, so Fergus helped the four engines with work on the new line all the way up until it was time for him to go. As he was working hard, the Fat Controller arrived, he was impressed.

"Fergus, I've heard of such a good job you've done today." he congratulated. "Though I must say I'm very disappointed when I heard about you not doing work, but instead chatting to the small railway engines." The stout gentleman sighed.

"Well, I've learnt that by now, sir." said Fergus. "I know exactly how to be a useful engine."

"Well, you'll be more useful once you get back to the cement works." The Fat Controller said.

"Back to the cement works?" Fergus exclaimed, he loved it on the Little Western, he didn't feel like going home, in fact he wanted to stay. "Um, sir... is there still more work to do here?" asked Fergus.

"Well, yes indeed." said the Fat Controller. "But another engine will take your place while you get going back to your own workplace."

"Yes sir." said Fergus as he rolled away. Duck, Oliver and the Scottish twins blew their whistles.

"Goodbye!" they called. Fergus whistled back.

"Same to you!" he peeped.

Fergus chuffed through Arlesburgh West, he whistled bye to the small railway engines. "Goodbye!" said Fergus.

Rex, Mike and Bert blew their whistled in return. "Good luck!" they called. Fergus was going to miss the small railway engines, but at least he was now back to doing his very own job at his very own home.




  • References and flashbacks to the seventh season episodes Bill, Ben and Fergus and Fergus Breaks the Rules are made.

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