Ferdinand is a tender engine who works on Misty Island with Bash and Dash. He is now part of the Sodor Logging Company.


Ferdinand, Bash and Dash found Thomas on Misty Island and helped him collect Jobi Wood to take back to Sodor. Unfortunately, Ferdinand and the twins ran out of oil while going through the Misty Island Tunnel. Luckily, Whiff and Percy were able to rescue Thomas, Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand and took them all back to Sodor. Ferdinand then helped with the completion of the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre along with Bash and Dash.

Ferdinand later helped Gordon deliver the Lion of Sodor to the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House.


Unlike Bash and Dash, Ferdinand is a lot more calmer and gentler, but he is still just as fun-loving, goofy, and whacky as the other two. He may come across as the simpler-minded, quieter, or even bashful, but he is also considerate, inquisitive, and has a big heart.

He also has a catchphrase of saying "That's right!" whenever ever possible.

Ferdinand (like Bash and Dash) has a much more different personality in The Adventures on Sodor. He is still the calmest, gentlest and goofiest out of the three, but he has shown less of his fun-loving and whacky character traits, and has been portrayed as dim-witted and sometimes misguided. Despite his dim-wittedness, Ferdinand acts as a fatherly figure to Bash and Dash and because of this, he can be stern with the fun-loving twins, as they go out making fun of and teasing an engine who is in the middle of a crisis. Ferdinand will scold the twins for their upsetting behaviour and they will soon own up and apologise.


Ferdinand is painted teal with grey lining. He has the Misty Island logo, which consist of a semi-circular symbol depicting three yellow trees with two brown axes, crossing each other on both sides of his cab and tender.



  • Ferdinand can run on either wood or oil.
  • He travels far faster in the television series than his prototype is capable.
  • Ferdinand is modified for working on British lines. He has added buffers and screwlink couplings.
  • Originally, OliverDuckandToad11, the series creator, wasn't going to include Ferdinand (or Bash, Dash, Flora and Ivo Hugh) in the series, but he soon changed his mind and decided to have the five aforementioned characters be featured.
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