Diesel 10

Diesel 10 is an evil diesel with a roof-top, hydraulic claw, which he calls "Pinchy".


A long time ago, Diesel 10 pursued Lady, an engine privately owned by Burnett Stone, and caused an accident. Years later, Diesel 10 arrived on Sodor (along with his two evil minions Splatter and Dodge) during the same time as Lady when she came to visit, and Diesel 10 decided to take out some of his own personal anguish from his past by destroying Lady. After a great deal of trouble, he fell off of a broken viaduct and into a barge where he assumingly was either sent back to the Mainland or was shipped to the the docks where he was unloaded.


Diesel 10 is an evil, conniving and raving diesel locomotive. He absolutely despises steam engines, and would call them taunting names like "Puffball" and "Teapot". He is Sodor's strongest but not quite the largest diesel, his power being enforced by his slightly malfunctioning claw, Pinchy. He can use this deftly, and is even able to use it to make a sculpture. All engines, steam and diesel alike, fear and respect him.

Despite his aggressiveness, he will help on occasion since the Fat Controller brought him back, but only when it suits his personal interest. He can have a caring side, but he very rarely shows it.


Diesel 10 is painted ochre with tan stripes along his sides. His buffers and "Pinchy" are painted dark brown.


He may appear in the third season.



  • In an original version of the Thomas and the Magic Railroad script, Diesel 10 was to have been a new engine to the island, and Pinchy was going to be concealed beneath Diesel 10's roof. These were kept in the book, Diesel 10 Means Trouble, the magazine story Left Alone also possibly has him illustrated without his claw.
  • It was widely speculated that Diesel 10's name may have derived from the fact that he was the tenth diesel introduced in the television series, but Britt Allcroft says the name just "popped into her mind".
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