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    Hello everyone! I've decided that sometimes, I may post episode rewrites on blogs, enjoy my rewrite for Edward Strikes Out!

    James is the number 5 engine on the Fat Controller's railway, he loves showing off his splendid red paintwork, but this can lead to annoyance from the other engines. He is mostly vain and smug, but can be manipulative and overconfident at times. But despite all this, James still wants to be a really useful engine.

    One morning, James pulled into Brendam Docks with a train of coal trucks grumbling like usual, his next job was to take flatbeds of pipes to Vicarstown. "It's not fair," he complained, "I'm always having to do the dirty work."

    "Oh, be quiet James!" huffed Gordon.

    "We don't want to hear your grumbling, thank you v…

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  • OliverDuckandToad11

    Here are things that I would change in the series.

    Note: I am currently redoing the list in alphabetical order.

    • 1995express: Salty
    • Abby Salzberg: Belle
    • AFewGoodFilms: Charlie
    • Annie C: Annie and Caroline
    • Arcade Productions: Etienne and Beresford
    • Artem Kremer: Ivan
    • BaeumlerFilm: Ernest
    • Bespingaurdstudios: Billy
    • BrendenReis10: as Stafford
    • Calebtrain: Bill, Ben, Ryan and Dart
    • CrikeyFellRailway: Sam, Godred and the Spiteful Brake Van
    • Cyril Niccolai: Axel
    • Dan Markowitz: as Chief Diesel Engineer
    • Danielthetankengine: Scruff
    • Darthwill3: Patriot and Mr. Walter Richards
    • DaWillstanator: Sidney, Norman, Merlin and Oliver the Excavator
    • DieselD199: Thomas, Paxton, Peter Sam, Porter, The Fat Controller and Stan
    • DTChapman1: Diesel 10
    • Eric Bass: Stanley
    • Enterprisingengine93: Arthur, Whiff, Skiff,…

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