• Registration number: CRD 54
  • Class: AEC Regal "T Class" London Country Area bus
  • Built: Sometime between 1929 and 1948
  • Drivetrain: 4WD

Bertie is a red bus who works near Thomas' Branch Line. He is owned by the Sodor Roadway Bus Services.


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Bertie is friendly and ready to help anyone in need. However, he can be quite cocky and boastful about himself, especially to Thomas, always joking around and teasing him about their races. He can sometimes be quite grumpy, as whenever he breaks down or gets stuck, he grumbles about it. He is always, however, easy-going and cheerful to everyone he sees.


Bertie is based on an AEC Regal "T Class" London Country Area bus.


Bertie is painted in the common red livery of buses in the United Kingdom, mostly famously used by London Transport. His number plate, CRD54, refers to the fact that it was first seen in Edward the Blue Engine, published in 1954, and illustrated by C. Reginald Dalby.



Voice Actors


  • Bertie is the first road vehicle introduced to the series.
  • In an original Awdry drawing, Bertie is depicted as a double-decker bus.
  • Bertie is the only talking road vehicle to appear in every season of the television series.
  • Bertie's French name was Bertrand in the Classic Series.
  • His driver's door had always been painted on in black.
    • Bertie would often have two drivers, as seen in Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party.
  • Bertie went through several aesthetic changes in the television series:
    • Season 2
      • His driver's door handle disappeared.
    • Parts of Season 2 & 3:
      • Some of Bertie's facemasks have rounded edges on his radiator instead of being slanted.
    • Season 3:
      • Bertie now has eyebrows on every face mask.
      • His face mask mouths are now painted in.
    • Season 7:
      • Bertie's eyes now move with a motor.
    • Season 8:
      • Bertie now has Caroline's horn sound.
    • Season 11:
      • Bertie's radiator is permanently slanted on the corners with all facemasks.
    • Season 13:
      • His radiator was missing.
      • His face is longer.
    • Season 14:
      • His radiator returned.
    • Season 19:
      • His windows became glazed/tinted so his driver's face could no longer be seen.
    • Season 100:
      • His red livery became more brighter.

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